Zara The Phythian, who is a ‘Doctor Scurr actress and her husband are in jail following the conviction of child sexual abuse According to the report

” Doctor Strange” actor Zara Theothian is reportedly sentenced to eight years in prison after being found guilty of sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl.

Their husband, Victor Marke, was imprisoned for 14 years for similar charges, as per the reports.

After her sentence, Her family of Phythian yelled “We love you, Zara.” She replied, “I’m innocent. I love you all.”

Judge Mark Watson did insist that Marke was his “driving force” behind the abuse.

Zara Phythian is at the event to launch “Doctor Strange” at Westminster Abbey in October. 24 2016, in London. (Anthony Harvey)

He said to Phythian when she has sentenced: “Whilst you denied in cross-examination that you were besotted with Victor Marke, on the evidence I have heard, I am in no doubt that your deviance was shaped by the influence that he had upon you from an early age.”

“I cannot ignore that it started at a time when you were still young.”

He went on to say: “Having said that, none of this excuses what you did – these were choices you made.”

“You were by then successful in your own right. You chose to play your part.”

Phythian and Marke Marke and Phythian were discovered guilty Wednesday of engaging in sexual relations with a girl who was 13 The BBC reported. U.K.’s Nottingham Crown Court convicted the two of the entire 14 charges of sexual conduct.

They were accused of sexually assaulting the girl between 2005 and the year 2008.

Zara Phythian goes to an event to celebrate the launch film “Doctor Strange” on Oct. 24, 2016, in London. (David M. Benett/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios)

“I knew it was wrong, but I just didn’t know how to get out of the situation or say anything,” the victim told the court in her testimony According to BBC.

“I just did whatever they asked me to do. They made it seem like I was some naughty kid and they were helping me out.”

the actress’ wife Marke is also found guilty of four counts of assault indecent against an unrelated woman. The allegations stemmed from events that occurred between 2002 and.

As per the victim, Marke was sexually harassing her around the age of 16 or 16, The Nottingham Post stated.

“I want to thank the two victims who have showed great courage in coming forward and talking about their ordeal,” the senior investigator Parminder Dhillon said in a statement to Nottingham Post. “Although no punishment handed down by a court can undo the lifelong damage caused to them, I do hope they take some degree of comfort from the knowledge that justice has now been done.”

“I hope this case serves as a reminder to others – that we treat all allegations of sexual abuse with the utmost seriousness and that, even in cases where offenses occurred many years ago, we will thoroughly investigate, and we will do everything in our power to bring perpetrators to justice.”

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