Yankees receive $20 million offer from adult website to become their jersey patch sponsor

Major League Baseball teams will be able to get patch sponsors for the first time starting in 2023. certain teams have already repaid on the arrangement.

The New York Yankees sport clean pinstripes and gray uniforms and even the last names do not touch the reverse. They are seeking sponsors for their patches too. One adult website has offered a proposal that may be too hot for the team.

What the Stripchat logo might appear like on a Yankee uniform. (Stripchat)

Stripchat The adult entertainment company that has been known for its various PR stunts involving matured themes offered the Yankees an offer of $20 million to be an exclusive Patch Sponsor for their 2023 campaign.

“We would like to extend the reach of Stripchat around the world and we are confident that this patch is among the most well-known assets of an organization that is among the top well-known teams in the sport,” Stripchat Vice President Max Bennett said in a statement made available to Fox News Digital. “What better way to place Stripchat’s logo onto the uniforms of Yankees players? Logically, the Yankees join forces with the top adult live cam website. Let’s convert pinstripes to pin-stripes!”

The Yankees haven’t yet responded to the request of Fox News Digital for comment.


A closer look at this Stripchat logo. (Stripchat)

New York is working with Legends to identify the ideal partnership for its patch. Chris Hibbs, the president of Legends’ Global Partnerships divisions said in Forbes that the company is considering signing an extended contract with a possible partner.

The San Diego Padres were the first team in the league to sign an agreement for a patch deal next season. The team will wear their Motorola emblem on its shirts.

Major League Soccer became the first major North American sports league to allow jersey advertisements in the year 2007. Real Salt Lake was the first league to announce a contract with the juice dietary supplement company XanGo.

The NBA began selling sponsorship logos to promote this season. The NHL began selling helmet advertisements in 2020-21. They also introduced jersey ads this season.

Logos and patches have been seen on baseball uniforms before.

As per the UniWatch, MLB adopted logo patches for sleeves to commemorate games played in Japan. They include the New York Mets, Chicago Cubs, Oakland Athletics, and Seattle Mariners among the teams that adopted the items.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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