World of Warcraft in 2023

Blizzard has announced that World of Warcraft will be going free-to-play in 2020, the same year that its next expansion will come out. In a press release sent out today, Blizzard said that the game’s subscription fees would no longer apply after April 2020, and all subscribers—even those on monthly plans—would get to keep their characters.

World of Warcraft is going free-to-play in 2020, Blizzard announced today.

Blizzard announced today that World of Warcraft will be going free-to-play in 2020. The company says it’s moving to a free-to-play model because it no longer sees the game as “a sustainable business.”

The news comes as part of a larger announcement about how Blizzard plans to support its games moving forward, which includes new content and events for all its major titles (including Overwatch). It also includes an update on World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, which was released last year but still hasn’t been fully embraced by fans due to some errors in the core gameplay loop.

The most popular subscription MMO is going free to play.

As the most popular subscription MMO, World of Warcraft is going free-to-play in 2020.

This news was announced at this weekend’s 2019 BlizzCon conference by Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. The game will be available for players who have an active subscription or buy a one-m

World of Warcraft in 2023
World of Warcraft in 2023

onth trial on October 1st, 2020. Players can upgrade their accounts to receive access to all content, including mounts and pets through new subscriptions after they expire (or are retired).


World of Warcraft is a subscription-based MMORPG that’s been around since 2004. It has a loyal fanbase and has been the most popular subscription-based MMO on the market for years, but it’s now going free-to-play in 2020.

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