Who is the Texas school shooter? What we know

On the Tuesday of this week, Ramos was involved in an argument with his grandmother in their Uvalde residence, in which she was shot in the head, and severely wounded, before fleeing the scene, according to the authorities.


The car was then smashed close to Robb Elementary in Uvalde the state of Texas, according to authorities. Police received a phone call concerning “a wrecked vehicle and a man who was armed with a firearm trying to enter Robb Elementary School,” DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

Officials reported that about 30 minutes prior to the incident took place, Ramos wrote in a series of Facebook posts, “I’m going to shoot my grandmother,”” “I’ve killed my grandmother,”” and finally: “I’m going to shoot an elementary school.”

A state trooper passes by the Robb Elementary School’s signs located in Uvalde, Texas, Tuesday 24 May 2022, after a fatal shooter at the school. (William Luther/The San Antonio Express News via AP)

The student then went into the school and shackled himself in a classroom for fourth graders in which he fired at students and school personnel police, officials and police sources reported.

Ramos locked himself in one of the classrooms “that was his to get access,” Olivarez said. He then fired at the teachers and students inside the classroom, Olivarez claimed.


In the course of Friday’s news, officials released additional details of the response of police officers that is now under intensive examination. Around 20 officers waited about 45 minutes before breaking through the door of a classroom that was finally unlocked and take on the shooter, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw said.

A Uvalde police officer on the incident was of the opinion that Ramos was in a locked room and that the children were not in risk, due to a misconception that there wasn’t an active threat, McCraw said.

Adriana Reyes, the mother of Salvador Ramos, seen praying and holding Rosary beads in front of the house she lives in (Fox News Digital)

“A decision was taken on the spot – I wasn’t there that the subject was barricaded circumstance, and there was enough time to get the keys back as well as wait until a tactical team equipped with the necessary equipment to move ahead and enter the door to tackle the issue,” he said. “At the time it was a choice, it was the process of thinking.”

McCraw claimed that Ramos fired more than 100 rounds, based on audio evidence. An officer from the school district who was responding on reports that a person who was carrying a weapon in the school drove right past Ramos sitting in front of a car according to authorities. This contrasts to earlier reports of an officer from the district police force was able to confront the gunman in the school.

The entrance door through which Ramos got into the school was opened by a teacher prior to the car accident, McCraw said. Police broke into the classroom where the suspect was hiding after obtaining the key from a janitor working on the property.

A team from members of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit were allowed to enter the classroom. One of them could kill the shooter, according to authorities.

Twenty-two people including 19 children as well as the shooter were killed. More than 12 others were injured on Saturday, Texas Department of Public Safety stated.

His grandmother, as well as a girl who is 10 are in serious health and several agents have suffered minor injuries that are not life-threatening.


In an interview with “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday morning, DPS Lt. Olivarez stated that the suspect was a student at the local high school and was living at home with grandparents. A man suspected to be his father revealed to reporters that on Wednesday that he talked about his grandson “daily” but added that the suspect “didn’t have any idea” there were guns at home.

“We aren’t able to find anyone’s friends, girlfriends with no gang affiliation, no criminal record. There are there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered,” Olivarez went on. “But this is why we’re trying to put these pieces together, and gather the most evidence we can in order to bring some sort of closure for those who suffered for their families, but also to the local community and throughout Texas.”

Ramos has been described as an individual who was a bit of a lonesome. He was unemployed, and had no criminal past and no any gang connection, DPS said. Gov. Greg Abbott said he had “no known medical history of mental illness.”

“I have spoken with several people who been in contact with him and attended the same school as him. I have spoken to teachers of kids who attended school with his, but that’s all I’ve heard,” Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer. “They have said that after COVID was diagnosed, he kind of left school and then came back.”

He also said: “My understanding [is thathe is not currently taking classes at the time of his arrest.”

Search warrants in connection with that suspect’s case were in process, and investigators were searching for phone records and social media activities police sources told Fox News.

Olivarez stated that investigators are trying to find out if there were “prior warning signs or red flags” that could be indicative of the suspect, and were looking for “any first indications that he might shoot in a mass way.”

Investigators are currently trying to find the motive.

A worker at an Wendy’s store located on East Main Street in Uvalde said to Fox News Digital the suspect was fired from the store just two weeks before the incident, but could not go into detail. Wendy’s spokesperson Wendy’s has not responded to our request to comment.

Instagram pictures from Salvador Ramos ( )

A now deleted Instagram account which appeared to be linked to Ramos claimed to feature photos of firearms and ammunition.

A Instagram account that was allegedly linked to Ramos contained disturbing photos which included one that showed an enormous magazine. The Instagram account was later removed.

The account is believed to have sent warning texts to an individual prior to the attack that killed. First message which was sent in May 12th, asked “You will you post my gun pictures?” The woman was featured in images of guns.


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