What does ‘woke’ mean?

What is awake?

Apart from being the previous word for wake, for years it was a sign of being conscious and awake – however the term has evolved to signify a commitment to the progressive movement, and.

Merriam-Webster added the term to its dictionary in the year 2017 It defined it as “aware of and alert to relevant facts and issues (especially concerns of racial as well as social justice).” In the same year, Oxford dictionary adopted it in the same year and defined it as “originally knowledgeable, up-to date. The most important thing is to be aware of discrimination on the basis of race, social or ethnicity and discrimination.”

“Woke is an informal expression that is slowly entering the mainstream from various variations of the dialect known as Afro-American Vernacular English (sometimes known as AAVE),” according to Merriam-Webster. “In AAVE, awake is usually translated as woke such as”I was sleeping and I’m now awake.'”

The meaning of the song appears to have changed after Erykah Badu frequently used the phrase “I remain awake” in her 2008 hit song, “Master Teacher,” that starts with “I am famous for being awake.”

The rapper Meek Mill performs “Stay Woke” on stage at the 2018 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 24, 2018, at Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for BET)

When the song was released, “‘Stay woke’ became an important word in certain areas in the Black community for those who were self-awareand challenging the established model and seeking something more,” according to Merriam-Webster.


In 2013 as well as 2014 when Florida person George Zimmerman was acquitted in Trayvon Martin’s murder as well as the police involvement in the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., an upsurge in Black Lives Matter activism emerged across the nation. The term was transformed to Twitter hashtag to a rallying call.

“The word”woke” was entwined to”the Black Lives Matter movement. Instead of being a term that signified the awareness of injustice or tension between races, it was an expression of action,” according to Merriam-Webster. “Activists were awake and urged others to be awake.”

In 2018, musician Meek Mill made the song the number one single from the album “Legends of Summer.”

“Stay Woke,” a BLM-themed track, was his first “Stay Woke” was his first single after his release from prison in April of the same year.


“How do I pledge my allegiance to the flagof the United States,” lyrics raps the last verse. “When they’re killing all our fathers, our sons?”

The meaning of the word “woke” changed with the advent of ” cancel culture” — and as the two terms saw a rise in use, they became interspersed within the public consciousness. Sometimes, people get cancelled for saying something offensive or insensitive. This is not conscious.

In addition to being conscious and progressive, a lot of people today consider waking as a term used to refer to people who prefer to ignore their critics rather than be open to their criticism.

The meaning of the word has expanded to include fields such as education as well as the business world.

It’s been reprinted in a different gathering since the first time it was published in print. This was in an article in 1962 New York Times article about beatniks , pop culture taking in Jazz music as well as African American slang from Harlem, Oxford revealed in a report published in June 2017 about the new words that are entering the dictionary.

The piece was written by the Black New York City novelist William Melvin Kelley was titled, “If you’re woke, you’ll appreciate it” which means that If you’re smart and are aware.

He noted in the day that a lot of jazz-era expressions were adopted into mainstream speech as did words such as cool and hip were popular. But the slang was changing its meanings back then.

“At some point the connotations of ‘jive were all right,” Kelley wrote. “Now they’re not or at the very least, doubtful.”

Ten years after In the play by Barry Beckham “Garvey Lives!” comedy about Black Nationalist leader and publisher Marcus Garvey, a character called Strong swears that he “won’t be able to go to bed” but will instead “stay awake.”

“I have been sleeping my entire life,”” he declares. “And after the Mr. Garvey done woke me up, I’m awake. Also, I’m going to assist him awake others. Black people.”

The term is no longer as an racial one as it is an ideological one.


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