VP Harris: ‘We will not let the filibuster stand in our way’ in protecting voting rights, abortion access

Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday said she as well as Vice President Kamala Harris and president Biden “will never let that obstructionist stand on our behalf” regarding the protection of abortion access and voting rights, as well as asking voters to vote during the midterm elections in November to ensure “our most fundamental rights and liberties.”

Harris in a speech in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey Monday, stated that the members of the group have “fought for a long time to bring our country ahead.”

“And Yet, we must acknowledge that there are people who want to bring us back,” Harris said. “Extremist leaders are trying to pull us backward. So-called extremist leaders who attempt to undermine democratic system and erode our fundamental rights.”

The rights Harris identified included “the security of being free from violence from guns, the right to make choices about our bodies, and the right to exercise our right to vote.”

BIDEN ALERTS of a nationwide abortion ban if REPUBLICANS are elected to the majority of the Senate”THE CHOICE IS VERY CLEAR’

The vice president’s remarks occurred just a few days following the Supreme Court announced its decision to uphold Roe in v. Wade and return the abortion issue back to the States after almost 50 years.

Vice-President Kamala Harris waves after speaking at the Tribal Nations Summit on the White House campus, Nov. 16 2021. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

“These leaders who are so-called claim… they believe that this is a decision to be taken by people in the states. those in the states have the ability to vote on thisissue, right however, at the moment, a lot of those leaders are also the ones who are introducing laws that limit the right of people who vote.” Harris said.

“They’re creating laws, these exact same ones, that prohibit drop boxes and limit early voting, and laws which make it illegal to provide people with food and drink while waiting to voteUn-democratic laws, non-American laws” Harris continued, noting that the states “attacking the right for women to exercise their right of vote” have been “attacking women’s rights to freedom in their bodies.”

Harris in her shift to the midterms, highlighted how important it was to cast a vote. She stressed that “we require people who will protect our rights both all the way to the polls.”

“From districts attorneys up to state attorneys general from local sheriffs to governors” she explained. “And we’ll need another two members of the United States Senate.”

Pro-choice protesters line the streets outside the Supreme Court in Washington, June 24 2022. (AP Photo by Jose Luis Magana)

“We will not let the filibuster stand in the way of our rights and freedoms, and the has been very clear about this — we will not allow that filibuster stand in ways of our most important rights and liberties,” Harris said.

The filibuster is a requirement for 60 votes within the Senate that is needed prior to a piece of legislation can be given an approval or rejection.

If Democrats were looking to set the precedent of filibuster in the future it could be done by gaining 51 votes — that is, all 50 senators of the Democratic caucus, and Harris breaking the tie.

In the month preceding the Supreme Court’s decision, Biden, President Biden made a plea to Congress to codify the rights of Roe v. Wade into federal law.

Biden then, stated that he was in favor of Congress stopping the filibuster and adopt the legislation in order to safeguard the rights of women across the country to choose to abort.

Demonstrators wave banners during the march that marks the year 58 of Martin King Jr.’s March on Washington on Aug. 28 2021. (AP Photo/Jose L. Magana)

“If the filibuster is blocked the filibuster is similar to voting rightsand we must require an exemption to the filibuster in this case,” Biden said.

On January 1, Biden supported changes made to the Senate filibuster to pass the federal legislation on voting rights.

House Democrats on August 21, 2021 ratified The John Lewis Voting Rights Act with all Republicans voting against and all current Democrats voting for it.


The Lewis bill provides a brand new, expanded formula will be utilized by the Department of Justice can use to determine discriminatory voting patterns within local and state governments. These entities will then have to obtain DOJ approval prior to making any other changes to elections. The bill also contains an option to combat last ruling of the summer’s Supreme Court ruling that made it difficult to challenge discriminatory changes to voting.

The First Lady Jill Biden listens as President Biden speaks to reporters prior to taking off on Marine One at the White House on June 17, 2022. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The House version of the bill’s companion,”For The People Act, “For the American People Act” was unable to pass the Senate due to Republican opposition.

In the meantime, Harris on Monday stressed that “much” was accomplished However, she said “we are still a long way to accomplish to help move our country ahead.”

“President Biden and I ask for you to continue doing the same thing have always done: continue to create coalitions that include Americans of all ages , backgrounds and races. Keep doing it knowing that we share to share than we do. is different between from us.” Harris said, calling on NAACP members to to “activate and create communities across the country and continue to make use of your influence to share, and fight for our united idea that is the vision of America.”

She said: “We’re counting on you for today because we’ve been asked to build an even more fair, equal and more equitable America. Today, let us take a fresh look at responding to the call.”


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