Victims of Netflix the doc’s supposed ‘Tinder Swindler” have gathered to say”A big f— you to him’

A number of victims of the alleged “Tinder Swindler” have come together to try to move forward.

Cecilie Fjellhoy from Norway, Pernilla Joholm from Sweden as well as Ayleen Charlotte from Amsterdam have joined forces together with Chagit Leviev, the CEO of Leviev Diamonds, to launch the bracelet “Stronger together.”

The design, created by the women, includes two gold rings as well as two diamonds that are interlocked. It is priced at $169 and the profits will be donated to the women in order to recover their losses from their finances. They will give 10% of their profits to charitable causes.

” I watched the documentary on Netflix exactly like all of you,” Leviev told Fox News Digital. Leviev said it was her who contacted women to discuss working together after they watched the documentary.

(L-R) Cecilie Fjellhoy, Chagit Leviev, Ayleen Charlotte and Pernilla Sjoholm are among the guests at Ayleen Charlotte, Chagit Leviev and Cecilie Fjellho Stronger Together Bracelet debut at Mister French 21st June 2022 at New York City. (Michael Ostuni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

“One night, I awoke up to discover we, as a family and business even our family pictures were in the documentary, without us having prepared,” Leviev said. “It was a complete shock however, it was very sad to know what these women endured and how this man managed to influence them. He was a fake CEO of the company. It was so tragic and we were truly sorry for the girls. However, I was also happy that they were willing to discuss this to all the world and try to take on this person.

“We have tried to stop him for years but we were unable to get him to stop,” she added. “We simply didn’t know how to stop him. The way his story was finally brought to light through this Netflix documentary proved it was impossible for him to keep up his deceit. I thought these women had done an act of courage in telling their stories, and their humiliating events. I wanted to help the women. I was thinking we could make something that they can profit from the profits.”

Shimon Hayut is accused of posing by claiming to be Simon Leviev, the globe-trotting son of Leviev’s dad, Leviev, Israel’s “King of Diamonds” Lev Leviev. Supposedly, using this identity He would be able to charm women on the dating app that is so popular with his lavish lifestyle.

When a relationship via long distance began, the 31-year old would convince women to pay him thousands of dollars, claiming that he was in a risky business. As he was allegedly traveling to jobs, Hayut allegedly continued to spend lavishly with the money of his victims.

Shimon Hayut, who is also called Simon Leviev, has vehemently rejected the accusations made against him. (Backgrid)

Jelly, Sjoholm, and Charlotte were three of the women who claimed that they were scammed by Hayut. As per reports, Hayut has allegedly conned an amount of $ 10 million from victims around the globe between 2017 to.

The spokesperson of Hayut did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request to comment.

“I believe it’s crucial to emphasize that he wasn’t only defrauding females,” Sjoholm explained. “A fraudster is likely to seek out every opportunity and it’s not just women. People have been embarrassed about speaking out, which is why they are able to get free. When fraud is committed, the victims are typically blamed. What is the reason they would get away with this?

“The myth that a lot of people have is that we snuck up on his cash,” Charlotte said. “The reality is that I believed I had a some connection to him. A fraudster is an elusive Chameleon. They alter their color. They alter their appearance with anyone they meet. Many people believe that we’ve fallen in love with him , and in a matter of days, we started paying money to him. It’s not the case. In my situation, I had been in his presence for seven months prior to when he began to solicit money. Some people call us gold diggers, but I believe I’d be the biggest gold digger around If I handed over all of my money!”

Hayut left his home country in the year 2011 to get away from fraud-related offences he committed in his twentys. The Times of Israel published. He fled to Finland where he received a sentence of two years imprisonment in an Finnish prison in the year 2015 after being accused of defrauding 3 women. Then he returned to Israel in the year 2017 after which he traveled to Europe for the second time after the name he used changed. According to the news outlet Leviev’s father has filed a lawsuit with Hayut for “falsely present himself as an heir to his estate.”

Hayut was wanted in many countries which included Israel, Sweden, England, Germany, Denmark and Norway, People magazine reported. Hayut was arrested by the police in Greece in 2019 after he used an unauthentic passport. He was deported back to Israel. In the following time, the man was found guilty of theft, fraud, and forgery. His sentence included 15 years in prison , but was released after five months of “good conduct.”

Following his release, Hayut had been active in social media. there were more than 200,000 followers on Instagram. At one time there was even his own website, which clients could be charged up to $300 for business consultation. Both websites have been removed. The Cameo page, where you can pay $99 for custom videos, is in operation. People magazine noted he was returning to Tinder following his announcement.

The Netflix’s “Tinder Swindler” documentary debuted in February. (Netflix)

He was not willing to be a part of the documentary before it came into the world in Feb that year. More than 50 million people watched the film within a few weeks after its release. The very month, the filmmaker was removed from the website. Tinder also introduced new rules: “Romance Scams: How to Safeguard Yourself Online,” stressing to beware of fraudsters who use the platform to swindle “vulnerable” users “looking to find love.”

The documentary revealed that Leviev “has never been accused with being a fraudster” the women and they are still paying their obligations. Fjellhoy, Sjoholm and Charlotte have launched a GoFundMe fundraising campaign and stated on their page, “All we want are our lives restored.”

Chagit previously disclosed to Forbes that from the beginning of 2017 Chagit and her entire family were contacted by many emails and phone calls from European suppliers regarding charters that were not paid for private jets, yachts and luxury car services. Hayut was scheduled to appear before on the 28th of June in an Israeli court on the 28th of June to be charged with criminality against his family, the Leviev family.

Ayleen Charlotte has said that she hopes her story can serve as an alert to anyone else who is who are at risk of being the victims of fraud. (Netflix)

“So many people called us constantly and asking, ‘Is that your brother Do you know who this is?” Chagit said. Chagit. “Most people were unable to comprehend that he was claiming to be an actual brother. They believed that he was a real family member. Our company was bombarded with negative reviews and attacks.

“People claimed that we hired Simon to write these fake pay stubs and checks. They believed that we were in the loop. We were actually deceived. … It was clear that he did all this without us knowing. It was a bit annoying that nobody understood. Even today, people will ask”How’s your brother?”‘

“I’m hoping that this collaboration can eliminate a lot of this doubt,” she said. “He’s not an immediate family member. He’s not a part of us.”

They said they’re determined to get their lives back. They are hoping to find the confidence to be able to trust again.

Cecilie Fjellhoy said she’s “not abandoning” in her pursuit of justice. (Netflix)

“We’re always fighting for our lives,” said Fjellhoy. “We’re not going to give up. It’s been a struggle to find justice. … For a long time, I was isolated in this. However, after hearing these stories by other women I’m relying on each other to inspire us. We’ve had meetings with each other and we’ve been encouraging one another. There’s a lot of sadness in this scenario It’s been good to see positive things happen that has blossomed, this friendship.”

Hayut has denied in a vehement manner all allegations against Hayut. He has denied all allegations made against him.

After the documentary made public in the media, he said to Inside Edition he was “just an individual looking to connect with women through Tinder,” insisting that “I don’t consider myself to be an Tinder fraudster.” He added to EW that the Netflix film was “a completely made-up film.”

Recently, Hayut confirmed to Forbes that he had legally altered his last name from Simon Leviev in 2017. He also denied allegations that were made in his family, the Leviev family.

Pernilla Sjoholm stated that she was glad to be able to talk about her experiences. (Netflix)

“First first I’d like to say with the fact that this isn’t a court proceeding. It’s a show that will be held in a courtroom,” his statement said in the first part. “The Leviev family has filed this complaint in private against me. It is technically possible for anyone to do this without evidence or proof. That’s why they choose to perform it this way and not do it in the formal manner as it ought to be and this is just to demonstrate it’s happening.

“I are innocent, and I will shortly start a lawsuit on behalf of the Leviev family, just that I had filed lawsuits against them back in the year 2019 … This is an act and a publicity stunt. The Leviev family are not in the criminals, they’re just lawbreakers.”

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