Tucker Carlson: Mask mandates are a debate about power, not about science

Glenn Youngkin, Virginia governor, was perhaps something you may recall. Youngkin was elected partly because he promised that parents would be able to decide whether their children wear masks at school. Voters wanted this. Youngkin was true to his word and banned school mask mandates almost immediately after he was sworn in. This was not surprising. He ran with it again. This is how democracy works. Voters ask for something, then elect someone to do it.

In Virginia, the system, and our democratic system, worked perfectly. However, there are still Virginians who don’t believe in democracy. They’re not Qanon people. They don’t care about what voters think and they are not interested in the results of elections. They will do whatever they like. It turns out that many of these people now run the public schools here in Virginia. They don’t care about law and election results, so they refuse to lift the mandates for children’s masks. Gov. Youngkin, however, resisted this and the standoff ended in court.

Yesterday, Louise DiMatteo was the judge in this case. She made a very revealing statement. “I’m going to not decide who’s right or wrong with masking,” she stated. This is about the hierarchy and authority. Well, exactly. This is exactly what it’s all about. There isn’t much scientific debate about masks for children after more than two years of COVID restrictions. They don’t seem to work. They do not appear to protect children. They are known to be very harmful to children.


The judge pointed out that science is no longer the only topic of debate. It’s about power. Here are the rules: Who is in charge of your children’s education? Are you the parent or the teachers’ unions in charge? Who is running your country? Are you the voters or are unelected bureaucrats in charge? Is it them? To be clear, this discussion is not about masks. These are the questions that we’re addressing at this point.

Arlington County’s student boarded a school bus. The district sued to stop the Governor’s mask-optional order. Glenn Youngkin. REUTERS

Janet Davidson already has a decision on these questions. Davidson is the assistant principal of an elementary school in Loudoun County. She threatens to arrest children if they don’t wear masks to school.

DAVIDSON – Your children will remain at school in an in-school restricted area until you arrive. It is important to me that I inform you of this in the letter you will receive. However, I also want to remind you that they aren’t allowed on Loudoun County public school property or campus. It will be considered trespassing from tomorrow. I must make this statement to you. We’re looking forward to speaking with you by phone, so we can let you know when you can pick them up.

You have to wonder, then, how can someone like that manage an elementary school? Is that not the person you would want to give your children to every day? Well, sure. To be clear, the crime she cites is a Class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia. Trespassing can result in a year of imprisonment and a $2,500 penalty. She is also threatening children with this if they don’t wear masks to school. Loudoun County allows you to sexually assault another person in a public bathroom. The school will pay for it. If you don’t have a mask on, you could spend a year in prison.

This is not just Virginia. According to a service that monitors mask policies and school districts across America, it’s happening everywhere. It monitors 500 districts and more than 60% still need masks.


For example, in West Islip New York the Oquenock elementary school sent letters to parents explaining that their children would be considered truants if they showed up to school without wearing a mask. Parents of truant students in New York can face fines or prison sentences. The parents of a very young child who is enrolled at Oquenock elementary school wrote a letter to this show. The letter stated that “Your child arrived at school last week but refused to wear a mask and has been denied the right to attend classes or take part in any school activities.” Your child cannot attend school if they don’t wear a mask… If your child doesn’t return to school, they are considered truant.

The child is sent to jail in either direction. You will notice that there is no scientific justification in the letter for these rules. Now, there is consensus among serious people that mask mandates to children don’t protect children or adults. To be clear, this is not a right-wing view. The Atlantic Magazine published “The Case against Masks at School” recently. This is a piece that has been a constant setting for the past two years. The Atlantic Magazine’s latest piece called “The Case Against Masks at School” noted that masks provide little discernible benefit. Today, USA Today published an opinion piece by a group of scientists and virologists. Their conclusion? They concluded that school mask mandates were not necessary because vaccines are readily available. They explained that even in unvaccinated children the rates of serious illness from COVID-19 are comparable to seasonal flu. Therefore, we don’t normally take any extraordinary precautions in schools to prevent flu. We also don’t normally enforce school mask mandates.


They knew it, but now they are admitting it. They now reviewed data about school and masking, and found that “well-controlled real-world research consistently failed to find any convincing benefit.” However, studies cited as supporting masking have serious flaws. This has been our message for over a year. It’s now confirmed. It doesn’t seem like there is any debate.

Masks don’t benefit children. They can cause harm to children. Experts in child development are speaking out and confirming that masks can cause cognitive damage over time. You could have predicted this. It’s now confirmed. According to one therapist in Palm Beach, Florida, that has witnessed a 364 percent increase in referrals for babies and toddlers, Why? Masks.

This is all shocking. The most shocking thing is that this is not something we have done before. Children aren’t required to wear masks at school in other civilized countries, such as the UK, Norway, and many others. They don’t work and they hurt children. This isn’t a secret. This is not a secret. It’s not a secret. School officials are aware of this and have no data or logic to back up their position. If you don’t have any evidence or justification for your position, you quickly move to indoctrination. Because you can’t lie, you lie. Here is Paul Koh, an assistant superintendent of Wake County Public Schools. This would be North Carolina. In the video, he explains his plan to reprogram the children so that they follow him without question.

KOH: This is like helping a toddler practice for pre-K. Then, you help them to get into a more normal situation by having them wear masks in kindergarten classes and so forth. That’s what we do.

OK, so it’s not right to have a country where our children are “educated and trained by people like this,” where you are required by law to give your children over to such people. People who have psychological problems have agendas that are not related to education and, in reality, are sinister. They are doing this because they have no other choice. This is how you keep power for the long term. You can manipulate people if you don’t have anything to convince them. If you weaken young people, it can lead to mental illness. This is how you keep control. These photos are from Oxford Middle School, Connecticut. Students can be seen wearing masks while playing instruments. Even more bizarre, masks are used on the instruments. It’s funny, but also quite horrifying. Imagine the brainwashing that is required to make this happen with a straight face.


The lunacy also extends to adults. Broward County, Florida is a free state. Anyone who wishes to borrow a book from the library must wear a mask. You will not be allowed to read if you don’t comply. Some people are exempted from wearing a mask because they have COPD. You can’t read as many books if you have a medical exemption. A smaller number of books is available.

LIBRARY GUEST: Does anyone know when they will start to honor these exemptions? This is absurd.

LIBRARY WORKER – We don’t know much about that. We just do what they ask us to do. I am sorry.

Let’s make sure that kids go to Zoom class for two years and that adults don’t read books unless they comply. It’s hard to justify all of this in terms that a rational person would understand. They don’t bother, and the people who enforce these rules aren’t trying to argue for them. They are just making you laugh and forcing you to do it. Here’s an example: The mayor of Los Angeles, the second-biggest in the country, Eric Garcetti explains that he didn’t wear a mask while taking indoor photographs with Magic Johnson. Johnson is technically immunocompromised but it doesn’t matter. Here is his explanation.


GARCETTI – When asked for a photo, I hold my breath… There is a zero percent chance that it will infect me… I won’t take it down for more than two seconds, that’s easy. To me, that is clear evidence that no one has been put at risk.

I held my breath. I didn’t inhale. He doesn’t blush when saying that. He just says it and expects people to believe it. This explanation is perfectly adequate. It’s possible to get away with that. I didn’t even breathe. Therefore, it’s fine. You can do this on a commercial airline flight. Gavin Newsom also did the same. He also took a photograph without masking with Magic Johnson. That’s fine, by the way. These are the people telling you that it’s a crime. What’s their excuse when they are caught? In the case of the Governor of California, he claimed that he carried the mask in his hands so he was safe.

NEWSOM: Yes, you are correct. Yesterday I was very judicious. You will see the photo I took where Magic was kind enough to ask me for one. I also have the mask in my left hand. I took a picture. It was on my head the rest of the day. I did not drink water, but I encourage everyone to do this. That’s all.

This is not encouraging everyone to do so. More like requiring everyone else to do so. This and many other things have no scientific basis. As long as you can hold a mask in one hand and are the governor of California, the rules don’t apply to you. This is how it works. These explanations seem to be getting more and more ridiculous. This should alarm you as people will stop trying to explain things or justify their positions to you. What are they left to get you to comply? Force. That’s it. They have force.

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