Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden thinks he’s the only branch of government

In the most dramatic news conference of recent the president in the office of the United States announced today that the cancer he’s fighting is. Traditionally, it’s the duty of an official in the White House physician to update the public about significant changes in the health of the president however in a stunning and genuinely poignant departure from tradition, Joe Biden decided to make the announcement himself. Here’s what he said:

President Biden: That’s the reason I, and many other people who grew in, have cancer. And why I could not–for the longest period of time. Delaware was the state with the highest rate of cancer in the entire country.

I’m a cancer patient, Joe Biden said, and it was a result of growing in Delaware. Then, Biden quit the stage and did not ask questions regarding his health condition. What type of cancer does Joe Biden have? How is the long-term treatment plan as well as is Delaware really so terrible? Some parts of the state aren’t stunning. This is certainly true but can a complete condition be a carcinogen? We aren’t able to determine that.

We’re hearing that Biden could have uttered a false statement and be agitated due to the pressure caused by his illness. It’s likely that actually the cause is not cancer. Joe Biden is battling, but dementia. Simple mistake. We’ll receive an update from our in-house doctor Dr. Marc Siegel, in only a few minutes. First, regardless of the issue with Joe Biden there is something that clearly is and it hasn’t stopped Biden from gaining greater power than the previous American president has ever enjoyed.


Joe Biden approaches power the way J.B. Pritzker approaches the waffle station in a breakfast bar at Shoney’s, with the most excitement. He sips and snorts before he splashes it onto his shirt. He can’t get enough. Joe Biden’s latest rumor is that he’s the only government branch that is a part of the United States. There is no separation of powers. Joe Biden has all the power. If the Congress or and the Supreme Court does something that Joe Biden doesn’t like, Biden can simply ignore it and decide what he would like to do. He can do it as an emergency.

There’s no time to be a democrat. We’ve got a crisis to deal with and, it’s just Joe Biden can solve it. There aren’t enough abortions. This is an emergency. It’s not a normal situation to be on your own in your vehicle. There’s an issue. The kids you have aren’t even trans yet. This is an emergency, and obviously, the most urgent of all crises, the climate crisis that is a type of ongoing , a thousand-year emergency and , therefore, the issue is very existential, no matter what it means, but trust us when we say that it’s bad and the only way to solve it is to give Joe Biden more power.

Today, at an event, Biden explained the details. Since Congress has rejected Biden’s proposal to control the energy grid of our nation and plunge America into complete darkness, Joe Biden will have to take the initiative on his own. What is legal, I’m asking? Please tell me. You already know the answer “because this is an emergency fool.”

It is evident that this is because Congress has rejected the bill of Joe Biden and since Fox News exists, Americans are dying by the thousands from severe weather. It’s is something that this planet hasn’t ever seen before, since the glaciers aren’t actually there. They have never occurred. It’s the Alex Jones thing. The real issue is climate change. Fortunately, Joe Biden is going to stop it. Watch.


Biden: Today I’m making the biggest investment I’ve ever made. $2.3 billion to assist communities across America create infrastructure that is built to stand up to the full variety of catastrophes we’ve been witnessing up until now: extreme floods, droughts, heat storms, tornadoes.

Then, he blurred the words, possibly because, as we’ve informed you, he’s got cancer If you pay attention you’ve heard that today due to climate change at the beginning of the history of the world we’ll be hot and then to pour hard.

You did it, Republicans, with your two-stroke chainsaws as well as your stinking Ford F-150. Shame, shame, shame. It’s as if you didn’t realize that it was coming. It’s not as if you were not aware. In 1989, a top official of the United Nations told the world that “entire nations could be destroyed from the globe due to rising sea levels, in the event that the trend of global warming continues to persist until at least 2000.” You knew that when you made it happen when you bought your Suburban. Now, look what has happened. These were once bustling resorts on the beach. Today, they’re dive spots. Divers are snorkeling in Malibu and looking up at Prince Harry’s residence. Here’s one of Obama’s beachfront estates. It’s clear that it’s under water.

But wait, it’s not under water. It’s actually fine, and Obama knew that it would be perfect. Actually, Obama spent more than 10 million dollars to purchase it , and that’s the extent to which he believes in global warming. It’s not so as it appears.


President Biden talks about the supply chain and inflation during a visit to Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

In reality, nobody is a believer in global warming, and that’s the reason all people who are liberal across the United States live on the coasts, since they aren’t convinced. This is why a lot of them are private pilots, since the whole theory is nonsense and they are aware of it.

Also, try to become more like an animal. Don’t listen to what they say. Be aware of the actions they take. See the real estate they purchase. Find out if there is an Al Gore flying commercial ever. The entire thing is a prank however, that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt anyone. Yes, it will and definitely does. The price of gasoline is no longer affordable to millions of Americans. It’s a devastation to lives. This affects everyone in the nation.

If the cost of fossil fuels increases as do the prices for everything else. It’s a devastation to the human condition and it’s not an accident. The administration took this action intentionally and they’re now boasting over the incident. They’re trying to rub it in your face. You can’t afford to drive your truck any more? ” We’re sneering at our Transportation Secretary Pete, Mayor Pete,” Then it appears that you’ll need to purchase an electric vehicle. Sorry.

PETE BUTTIGIEG: the more suffering we all suffer from the cost of gasoline, the greater advantages are there for those who have access to electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles? What is an electric car? What do these tiny electric vehicles have to have to do with the climate change? That’s a great to ask. There is a link. Electric cars are a major cause of environmental change. Did you know? Have you realized that it is impossible to charge an electric vehicle using wind farms? What is the best way to charge them? You charge them using fossil fuels. This is also the way you construct them using fossil fuels. It’s quite funny.

The month before the month before, the GM spokesperson, as well as an executive from an Michigan utility, sort of leaked the information. Check this.


KRISTIN ZIMMERMAN, GENERAL MOTORS The battery in this particular model has a T-shape running right through in the middle, and also across the back of the seat. Everyone thought we had destroyed the electric vehicle however, we didn’t. it’s still alive and well.

REPORTER: What’s going on with the batteries today? What’s the cause?


REPORTER: So, is itwhat’s are the powers that we mix with?

KRISTIN ZIMMERMAN GENERAL MOTORS Ah, but actually, Lansing feeds the building.

REPORTER: What’s that?

KRISTIN ZIMMERMAN, GENERAL MOTORS: Lansing feeds power to the building and I’m not sure. I’m sure they’re a little bit of coal, and they’re heavily fueled by natural gas, aren’t they?

REPORTER Now, is the car is charging away from your grid?

Peter LARK Peter Lark, LANSING Board EXEC Peter Lark, LANSING BOARD EXEC charging our grid, which is 90 percent, which is around 95% coal.



Let’s hope that one day the historians can find that tape, and enjoy it. Get a drink and buy a complete six-pack and then watch it over and over. The spokeswoman at the car manufacturer was asked “Impressed by the battery however, how do make it charge?” She was “from inside the facility. The charge comes from the building. Plug it in the outlet.” Where does the electricity originate?

She isn’t sure. “We have batteries. There’s a battery here. It’s an battery.” Then, they inquire with the utility man Where does electricity come from? Yes, it comes from a coal power plant. You charge your tiny electric vehicle that Mayor Pete is urging you to buy using coal, and you feel good about yourself.

If you consider it, you’ll understand why they say that science is settled and you’re a denier and you’re amoral if you ask concerns because there’s no way of way to defend the facts, many including, you discovered, they don’t fully understand. What is the method by which electric cars be charged? It’s from the building, which isn’t an energy plant, to be clear. It’s a structure that has an outlet.

Today, Joe Biden didn’t answer any questions on what energy source it’s coming from. Actually, Biden informed us that there’s no time to debate since it’s an emergency.

Biden: The top UN international climate scientists have called the latest report on climate the ultimate “code rouge for the humanity.” I’ll repeat it, “code red for humanity.”


“Let me repeat it. Sorry, I’m suffering from cancer. Code red means “humanity.”

In fact, he’s correct however, not in the manner the president intends. If Biden and the other top leaders across the West not only the elected leaders, but also the NGO community continue to conduct the same thing they have done over the last 20 years and censor fossil fuels, it’ll be a catastrophe of the code red. Many millions of citizens will be starving to death. Millions of people will fall into poverty. In contrast to rising oceans, this result is certain,.

However, Joe Biden doesn’t care, in the event that he is aware. Biden isn’t there for that, anyway. The executive order he signed today will invest over $2 billion to energy generated by wind throughout the Gulf of Mexico. What amount of energy can the windmill create? It’s not the answer, but how much does it generate, but what is the amount it produces and where is it going? For fun, if you’re lucky enough to have a free day Try to find an answer to the question. You can’t. There is no one to ask. Nobody cares.

Biden is also directing his Secretary of Interior to “advance the development of clean energy across the nation,” which means pay off his supporters, naturally. This will mean more electric cars solar panels, electric cars. and so on.. Who benefits from this? This is always the first inquiry. Of course, Democratic donors benefit. They’re earning a lot because of this. But who is the source of the majority of these things? It’s true that China is the main source of it. China produces 76 percent of the world’s lithium-ion batteries. China is the main producer of 75 percent of all solar panels worldwide. China manufactures nearly all of the wind turbines in the world. Seven of the most powerful wind turbine producers are located in China.

This means that China has control over the energy system. If you have control over a country’s energy grid, then you are in control of the country. It’s that simple. On CBS recently Joe Biden’s energy coordinator, Amos Hochstein, explained the reasons why this is a good thing.


COORDINATOR OF ENERGY SECURITY AMOS HOCHSTEIN We could see additional American investments in climate, electric vehicles, renewable energy. Why shouldn’t we make that happen? Why would we not want to create a world in which China can be ahead? The world is investing and we’re not. We’d like to be able to provide the type of incentives that will result in an increase in infrastructure investment for renewable energy, solar, for wind , electric vehicles, and the nuclear fleet of our country. That’s how we achieve climate.

Take a look at that slimeball. Oh, yeah. It’s time to hand China its control over the energy system. the biggestand most efficient worldwide as well as the nation that has the largest recoverable oil reserves. That is that of the United States of America. However, we aren’t able to use all of it. We must give China control over our energy sources, or, in other words that we control our country, in our economic system. The world is investing and we’re left to lag behind.

Okay. It’s true that the majority of the world is further in the Green Delusion than we have and none of it is helping the real environment By the way, in the event that you are concerned about the natural world. Nature is not affected through any of this. However, the rest of the world has been more interested to do so than United States to dive right into the Green New Deal. What has helped the rest of the world? We cannot say it enough. It’s been a complete catastrophe.


in the beginning of the year, only two months after Berlin Senate declared an emergency in the climate, renewable energy sources accounted for 50 percent of German energy consumption. What then happened? The answer is that Germany isn’t able to keep its lights on, and is concerned about winter’s coming.

According to The Washington Post put it, “Hamburg landlords are rationing hot water. Berlin might shut off non-essential traffic lights at late at night.” Oh there are no traffic lights. It’s an American civilized society. What’s the effect on you? For Great Britain, no country has ever seen its population disappear faster in the history of the world than this one. However, in the U.K. there is more than 90 percent of the population live in an area in which local authorities recently declared a climate emergency.

There are more urgent crises, they have discovered, real emergency situations, in the real world, not the imaginary world we require, such as traffic lights and electricity which comes from the outlet. There are actual emergency situations. In April the British government announced that the number people in UK who are with “fuel poverty” has now reached 5 million.

This isn’t wartime Rationing. The blitz has ended. The moment is 2022. What do you think of Argentina? The government of Argentina in 2019 declared a climate emergency even in the sense that it’s not like China or India the country isn’t making a difference to carbon emissions globally. Argentina is responsible for about 1percent of the world’s carbon emissions. However, they chose to do it because it was it was the latest trend and also ESG. “We’re modern. We’re against climate change.”


What has did you do? Argentina experiences, and there’s only one word to describe it than collapse. The collapse wasn’t caused by a half-degree increase in the average temperature within the non-Patagonian continental zone. It was actually caused by what’s always the case: spikes in cost of energy that causes inflation. The rate of inflation is now at 60 percent in Argentina. Argentina is at a point where it is too broke for it to function.

“Access to diesel and fertilizers is crucial to prevent complete inability to work,” a farmers group in Argentina addressed the government last week. What, farmers aren’t getting access to fertilizers? What? What can you do to grow your plants without fertilizer? The answer is that fertilizer’s not green and we’re in an urgent climate crisis, which means no fertilizer is available. That’s not all, it means there is no food, and people are starving. This occurred at the time in Sri Lanka, as we’ve been telling you over and over again. We don’t have enough to say about this. The government of Sri Lanka, the government prohibited all fertilizers. In the aftermath, the cost of food has increased by 80percent. In a country that is poor it’s not a small matter. Again, people starve.

Does John Kerry contributing to the food bank in Sri Lanka? Absolutely it’s not. He’s often bombing his own plane to another conference on global warming. What do you feel about the Netherlands? A prosperous country, second-largest exporter of ag to combat climate change in the year 2019 it was the year that the European Parliament declared a -wait for it, a climate emergency in the Netherlands.

U.S. climate envoy John Kerry is a participant at his first UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) at Glasgow, Scotland, Britain 12 November 2021. (REUTERS/Yves Herman)

The government has made farmers cut their livestock by half due to there was a problem with cow flatulence…Sandy Cortez has done an TikTok regarding this issue I think. Flatulence of cows is a major issue. This is why we require something that the EU called an inevitable transition. What then happened? Oh, riots. Our leaders are saying we should have the same kind of thing here.

It’s a crisis in the climate. Code red. You don’t have a choice, and they’re serious about it. you’re not allowed to decide on it since they’re so pro-democracy that they’ll push it on you without a vote. What is after that? Then, chaos, poverty and then the lights are out.


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