How to Map Your Way to the Shattered Throne in Destiny 2

Did you hear about Shattered Thrones?

Destiny 2’s first raid, the Leviathan, was released with the Curse of Osiris DLC on Dec. 5, 2017. The raid has six encounters and each one is more complicated than the last. Players who have completed the raid have reported getting through each encounter in 15 to 30 minutes. So if you don’t want to waste hours trying to get through Leviathan, here are some tips that will help you complete it faster than everyone else!

The Shattered Throne is located in the Dreaming City.

In order to get to this location, you will need a Dreaming City Ticket. The ticket can be acquired from Petra Venj, who can be found at The Tower, on Earth. Petra will give you a Dreaming City Ticket if you have completed the quest The Corrupted or if you have already taken part in an event like Faction Rally or Iron Banner. Once you have your ticket, head over to the Hangar and choose your vehicle of choice.

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Now that we have our vehicle and ticket sorted out, it’s time for us to head over to the Shattered Throne! Head out of The Tower and fly towards Nessus where you will find a crashed ship with a purple light emanating from it.

Before you can enter The Shattered Throne, you will need to complete another short quest, and it is a random event. In order for you to trigger it, you will need three Ether Seeds and one Servitor Spike. You can get these items by killing enemies on Nessus or by completing various events.

After you have all of your ingredients head over to The Strand with your Ghost and Guardian in tow and interact with a specific kind of orb that looks like a drop pod or cryptograph. This will give you access to an area that leads directly into The Shattered Throne, so head on inside!

To get there, you need to first complete the Broken Isles questline.

To find your way to the Shattered Throne, you must first complete the Broken Isles questline. This will take a while, as it is long and requires some grinding at higher levels. When you’ve finished all of that, head to Azsuna, where you’ll be given a quest called A Light In Dark Places. Follow this through until you get an item called Seal of Broken Fate from Azshara.

the Broken Isles questline

Once you’ve completed that, go to Dalaran and talk to Khadgar. He’ll give you a quest called Where Legends Lie, which will lead you through a questline involving gathering some items and then turning them in for an item called The Broken Crown. Once you have that, take it back to Khadgar. He’ll send you on another quest where you must gather staff from one area, arcane crystals from another, and finally some dark power from yet another. Once those are handed in, he’ll give you a gift called Dark Waters of Eternity.

Once you’ve done that, follow the map below to find your way to the Shattered Throne.

You start by looking at the Shattered Throne map and figuring out which area you want to start in. There are a few different sections: The Bannerfall District, The Tangled Shore, The Dreaming City, and an Unknown Location.

The Bannerfall District is where you’ll be fighting Fallen enemies. This district is southwest of the map and has orange banners hanging from the buildings and structures that are close together.

find your way to the Shattered Throne

The Tangled Shore is where you’ll be fighting Vex enemies. It’s southeast of the map and has purple banners hanging from tall buildings that are more spread out. The Dreaming City is where you’ll be fighting Hive enemies.

The Unknown Location is where you’ll be fighting Taken enemies. It’s northwest of your starting location and will have a red banner.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

The Shattered Throne

We’re all eager for a taste of what lies ahead in Year 3, but with the release date still months away, players are left with nothing more than speculation and cryptic clues. Fortunately, we’ve done some digging on our own and found a treasure trove of information that should give us all a little better idea of what’s coming.

To start things off, let’s take a closer look at something we know for sure: The Shattered Throne. This is one of three new destinations players will be visiting during their travels through the cosmos this year; it’s also where Destiny 2 culminates in an epic battle against Ghaul and his Red Legion. What we don’t yet know is how to get there.

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