Ron Goldman’s sister, Kim Goldman, is hoping to speak with Gabby Petito’s family: ‘How can we do better?’

Kim Goldman, whose beloved brother Ron was brutally killed over two years back, wants to speak with Gabby Petito’s family.

Nearly 27 years after the gruesome murders that started “the “Trial of the Century” the 50-year-old has launched a brand new podcast called “Media Circus” where she’s investigated the media’s coverage of prominent crimes. The best-selling author has also been in contact with relatives to raise consciousness about how they have been changed over time.

Goldman said on Fox News Digital she’s hoping to meet with Petito’s beloved family members shortly and provide them with the opportunity to tell their own stories.

“Gabby’s situation is something that’s been part of those discussions that I’ve had with my team regarding how to talk about that due to the impact of media and social media, in my opinion, it helped bring this case to the point that we were able to find Gabby,” said Goldman.


Kim Goldman said she wants the spotlight to be focused on the families who still grieve after their cases were made public. (Renee Bowen)

“I also understand the family’s point of view on the difficulty to endure a day in which it was always the same. People’s opinions and thoughts like “And here he is then there’s she and the commentary that went with it. This adds another level of discomfort and an invasion of privacy.

“I’m looking forward to speaking with Gabby’s family before the conclusion of the season, simply because I’d like to learn the impact that this has had on their sorrow,” Goldman added. “Did it aid their case? Did it harm their case? Did the fact that they had so much support help them? Did it spur police on chases through the woods that diverted them from other leads that were legitimate? There are many things I believe we should pay close attention to … the actions of our investigators at arm’s length, does that assist or hinder? How can we be better?”

In 2021, the father of Petito demanded that the public assist other people who are missing by using the potential of social media.

“I do not want to discount the incredibly hard work investigators from the FBI along with law enforcement officers all around did, but the power of social media has been awe-inspiring and extremely influential,” said Joesph Petito. “To be honest, this should be continued for everyone else too. The same kind of increased awareness must be maintained for all people.

“I want to appeal to everyone to assist all individuals who are lost and in need of assistance,” Petito told reporters. “As I’ve mentioned before, it’s the responsibility of every one of you present to take action. If you’re not doing it for others who aren’t present, that’s unfortunate because it’s just Gabby who is entitled to that.”


Kim Goldman with brother Ron. Goldman previously told Fox News Digital how the two had a strong relationship. (Kim Goldman)

Goldman recognized that the use of social media can be beneficial and damaging in the investigation of tragic incidents. Goldman outlined how family members struggling to deal with the grief of a loss and suddenly exposed to the media are often overlooked or ignored.

“I think a large part of the motive that I chose to make “Media Circus” is to instruct and educate viewers and listeners about the best way to behave and proceed with caution and kindness because it’s easy to be drawn in social media” She explained. “It’s so easy to become reckless and uninformed … This could be very dangerous if you don’t pay at the implications of it.

“I can only confirm the impact it has had on us over the years,” she continued. “It generates an entirely new generation of followers, listeners, and critics. I can just imagine it flying totally out of control. But I can also appreciate the power and beauty of it. I’ve had the opportunity to meet amazing people, brief support, and also be compassionate and kind however, you have to dig through the clutter to find the “real thing.”

In the year 2019 Goldman released a podcast called “Confronting O.J. Simpson,” in which she discussed her brother’s case. In the interview, she said to Fox News Digital she was hoping “to take back some control of an issue that’s been beyond control.”


Kim Goldman and Ron Goldman in more joyful times. (Kim Goldman)KimGoldman_RonGoldman_Childhood_CourtesyKimGoldman

in 1994 Ron Simpson, who was 25, along with Simpson’s former wife Nicole Brown Simpson, was murdered by a knife within one of Los Angeles’ most exclusive neighborhoods. Simpson an American Hall of Fame football hero who was known as “The Juice,” was found not guilty of the killings. When the verdict was read out following an extremely controversial criminal trial throughout U.S. history, cameras inside the courtroom captured the distraught Goldman crying uncontrollably.

A civil trial eventually determined Simpson to be the one responsible for both deaths, however, the murder investigation is declared unsolved. Simpson has always claimed innocence.

Following the criminal case, Goldman has immersed herself in helping troubled teens as well as helping victim’s rights organizations.

Petito 22 and Brian Laundrie, 23 years old, first met while living together on Long Island, New York. They attended school together. The couple then moved into Laundrie’s parents’ North Port, Florida residence and Laundrie proposed to her. The couple set off on a cross-country journey in June 2021 and plans to travel across the country using the 2011 Ford Transit van and visit national parks on the route.

However, Laundrie was back at the North Port home on Sept. 1 in the vehicle that the couple was using but without his fiancée. The mother of Petito, Nichole Schmidt, reported her missing to Suffolk County Police on Sept. 11, 2021.


Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson were murdered on June 12th on the 12th of June, 1994. (Reuters, File)

The body of Petito was discovered by investigators near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming in September. 19 in the area where a couple from a travel blog was able to see their 2011 Ford Transit van that was parked in the late hours of August. The investigation concluded that her death was homicide through hand strangulation and blunt force injuries to the neck and head.

There was tension between them in at least one segment of their cross-country trip.

The police records revealed that on the 12th of August. 12, officers in Moab, Utah, responded to reports of an altercation between the couple. A 911 call was made during the incident, a caller was heard telling a dispatcher of a police station that “the man was slapping her.” However, the incident, which was first recorded on Fox News Digital, contradicted an investigation by the police in which the officer said that “no one has reported that the male hit her.”

“The male tried to establish some distance by telling Gabby that she should go for a walk to relax, but she was not keen on being isolated from him and began to smack the man,” the report continued. “He pulled her face to her and pulled her back while she was pressed against him and the van. and he attempted to keep her out but was successful, except for the driver’s door. She slid open it then forced herself to him, and then into the car before it went away.”

Video footage from body cameras shows Moab officers’ responses to the incident later became public. A police officer who was on the scene said they believed the event could be “more precisely described as an emotional health break rather than a domestic assault.”


Gabby Petito, in an unpublished photo. (North Port Police)

The couple Petito and Laundrie have denied the allegations that Laundrie struck and hit and slapped Petito. Moab Police ultimately separated the couple for the night however, they allowed them to go. The officers took Petito to rest in the couple’s campervan and then drove Laundrie to a motel nearby however, an employee of the motel couldn’t confirm with Fox News Digital whether Laundrie was staying overnight.

A third-party investigation concluded that the officers committed “unintentional errors” and recommended that a variety of modifications be made to the way these situations are dealt with. Officials also recommended that the officers involved to be put on probation. Laundry disappeared soon after returning to Florida in a car.

BRIAN LAUNDRY Found: Parents might have been unable to find their son

Brian Laundrie is seen in a bodycam video published by Moab Police Department in Utah. (Moab Police Department)

The Laundry family’s attorney reported on Sept. 17, that Brian disappeared in September. 14 2021 after he told his family members that he was heading to a reserve located in the region. The family altered the date on which Brian had last been seen on September. 13. Then, he was identified as a suspect in the death of Petito and later as suspected of her murder. On Sept. 23rd on 23rd, the FBI declared that he was wanted for fraud with a bank card.

Laundrie’s remains eventually turned up within Florida’s Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on Oct. 20-21, 2021 just when his parents discovered a variety of things belonging to his Son, Fox News Digital exclusively revealed at the moment. Laundry frequented the park before his disappearance, and then death. Medical examiners determined Laundrie was a suicide victim who had shot himself in the head.


Tara and Joe Petito at an event to announce their daughter Gabby The couple reacts at a news conference for their daughter Gabby who disappeared on Sept. 16th, 2021 located in North Port, Fla. (Octavio Jones/Getty Images, File)

One of the things that were later found close to his body was a notebook discovered to have contained an eight-page notebook in which Laundrie wrote down his account of events leading to the time of Petito’s demise.

“I took her life away,” it said. “I thought it was kind and that’s the way she would have wanted it however, I am now aware of my mistakes. I panicked. I was shocked.”

Laundrie said that the killer was Petito if, according to him that she injured herself after she fell while in Wyoming.

“From that moment when made my decision to ease her suffering I knew that I could not continue in her absence,” He wrote. “Please do not make my life more difficult on my family. There was a loss of a son as well as an infant daughter. The most beautiful girl on earth. Gabby Sorry.”

The Laundry and Petito families are caught up in a legal dispute concerning the cause of Petito’s demise and the disappearance of Laundrie.


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