Prior to Trump’s event in Arizona, the Arizonans are divided on whether they’d like the former president to run for re-election

MARICOPA COUNTY Ariz. The voters of Arizona expressed their opinions on whether they want Donald Trump to run in 2024 prior to Trump’s rally on Saturday at Arizona’s Grand Canyon State.

“At this point, he’s too extreme,” Susan, who was traveling to Arizona from Florida with her husband Jeff stated. “There are candidates that are Republican candidates, of course, who might be able to attract people who would be able to win.”

However, an Arizona woman Beverly she told Fox News: “He needs to come back, he already earned respect from the world’s leaders, and get back to the job he started.

Trump is set to lead an event along with a number of Arizona Republicans as well as Senate candidates Blake Masters and gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake.

An Arizona woman named Beverly Says she is hoping to witness ex-President Donald Trump run again. (Matt Leach/Fox News)

“I believe it’s not the ideal for our nation for him to contest a re-election election,” Tanner, a student at a college in Arizona stated of Trump. “I believe the Republican Party needs to be in unison.”

Jeff stated to Fox News: “I like what he has to say about. I appreciate what he has to say.”

“But the guy upset a lot of people and upset them extremely badly So I don’t believe that’s the best choice for the event,” Jeff continued.

A majority of the voters interviewed by Fox News said they preferred Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis on the Republican ticket in 2024.

“I am hoping to have Governor. DeSantis or someone similar to the governor, get some fresh life,” Derek told Fox News.

Former president Donald Trump is set to stage an event in Arizona to support a number of Republicans includes Senate Candidate Blake Masters. (Photo by Justin S. Sullivan/Getty Images) (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

“We’re hugely enthused about DeSantis in this regard,” Susan said. “He seems to have a person with a lot more common sense, and capable of communicating better” and is able “to return those people that changed.”

Fox News asked one Arizonan, Jason, to list his top voting choices.

“DeSantis,” he responded with a note that he wanted to have the Florida governor run for governor in 2024. “Then the governor could take on Donald as his vice-president.”

Tanner stated on Fox News: “I really enjoy DeSantis, because I believe his leadership ability will unite the Republican Party and I believe that he’s a fighter as well as a leadership figure, so we require both.”

Susan is a Floridian visiting Arizona Susan, a Floridian who is visiting Arizona, has said she would like to have her governor Ron DeSantis run in 2024 instead of the previous president Trump. (Matt Leach/Fox News)

A majority of Republican voters indicated they preferred Trump and 25% favored DeSantis, an The New York Times/Siena University survey released on Tuesday revealed. President Biden was ahead of Trump on the survey by 44 percent to 41% in a hypothetical matchup of 2024.

“Donald Trump was a fantastic president during his time,” Jackson, of Arizona stated and noted that Trump was also a fan of DeSantis. “I considered him to be an excellent president when the time he was president.”

“After this, I believe we’ve witnessed a lot of the divisions,” Jackson continued. “The policies could be implemented by him and I’d likely vote for him in a general election, but not in an election in a primary.”

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