Ozzy Osbourne walks with a cane in the company of his wife Sharon and their family at Los Angeles following ‘major’ surgery

Ozzy Osbourne was seen with the aid of a cane while walking along with his wife Sharon as well as two of their kids on the streets of Los Angeles on Sunday, just one month after undergoing an “major operation. 

The 73-year-old rocker had a black T-shirt on and the black slacks matched as he was walking down the steps with his family closely in the back.

Osbourne has been “on his way to recovery” after having to undergo an operation in June. was what his spouse of forty years described as a procedure that could “determine his entire life.”

Ozzy was wearing a pair of white and black sneakers and walked around with the black cane, which had an elegant gold handle.

Ozzy Osbourne has been spotted wearing a cane as he walked alongside his loved ones at the beach in Los Angeles following “major” surgery that he underwent last month. (The Image Direct)

Sharon, 69, was wearing her pants and a blue tie-dyed sweater for a family get-together at the home of their son Jack.

Jack 36 and his fiancee Aree Gearheart, 36, are due to have their first baby together. Jack has three kids with the ex-wife Lisa Stelly.

Sister Kelly 37 was also there, and carried a dog in her arms, while remaining close to her father.

Kelly she is expecting she is expecting her very first child with her boyfriend Sid Wilson, from the group Slipknot.

Sharon disclosed that Ozzy required the “major” operation in June. Sharon immediately returned for West Coast West Coast from London to be with him.

The rock star aged 73 had a black T-shirt on and black slacks that matched when he left his son’s house following surgery earlier this month. (TheImageDirect.com)

Ozzy Osbourne made his way down the steps with his wife Sharon and Jack, son Jack and a pregnant daughter Kelly who walked closely in his footsteps. (TheImageDirect.com)

“He has a major surgery on Monday and I’m expected to attend,” the actress told colleagues on the TalkTV panelists this week. “It’s likely to be the defining moment of the remainder of his existence.”

A few days after when days later, the Black Sabbath star was seen leaving the hospital in a wheelchair. Ozzy posted on Twitter that the singer is “home at home after recovering in a comfortable way.”

He said: “I am definitely feeling the love and support of all my followers and would like to send everyone a big “thank you” for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes for my recuperation.”

The family hasn’t discussed publicly the procedure Ozzy needed to undergo, however Sharon confessed that Ozzy was “feeling well” in a separate tweet posted at the time.

An article was published that stated the procedure was intended to take out and put pins in the right place on his back and neck. “Ozzy is 73, and any surgery that is performed when you age is challenging,” a source told Page Six. “This is quite significant. He’s had the pins in his back and neck adjusted from the time he suffered an accident back in the year the year 2019.”

Ozzy’s back issues could stem from an all-terrain car crash in 2003, where he lost control of his quad when he was riding around his home in London.

In the meantime, he needed to undergo surgery in an emergency situation due to “a broken collarbone as well as eight fractured ribs which caused blood vessels to be squeezed and injured cervical vertebrae.”

The Black Sabbath singer wore a pair of white and black sneakers and carried the black cane, which had an elegant gold handle. (TheImageDirect.com)

“I’m waiting to have further surgery to the neck of my,” the singer told Classic Rock magazine in May. “I am unable to walk normally these days. I see a physical therapist every day. I’m getting better but not as far as I’d like to be to the roads.”

If asked if he had ever considered thinking about his death, Ozzy said he felt positive about the future of his life as he reflected on his previous.

“At the age of 70, I’ve been doing pretty very well,” he said. “I am not planning on going to any place, but my time will come.”

In the year 2019 In 2019, in 2019, the Osbourne family spoke to Robin Roberts on ” Good Morning America” regarding Ozzy’s slip in the shower, which loosened screws of metal within his back (from the quad crash in 2003) that required back and neck surgery.

“When I fell it was pitch-black,” he recalled. ” I went to the bathroom, and I was thrown off the bathroom floor. I just fell and hit the floor with an obliteration on the ground. I can remember sitting there, thinking, ‘Well, you’ve accomplished it and I’m really peaceful. Sharon called an ambulance. Then it was all downhill.”

After the operation and an exhausting two-month recovery, He was then forced to change the entirety of his live shows for the “No More Tours 2” tour “No No More Tours 2 Tour.”

Family members also spoke about the diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease. an autoimmune neurodegenerative disorder that may cause tremors and balance problems as well as the slowing of movement. There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease.

“It’s PRKN 2,” Sharon said to GMA. “There are numerous kinds of Parkinson’s that it’s not necessarily an unending death sentence in any way by any stretch of the imagination however, it can affect certain nerves within your body. It’s almost like you’ve had a great day, a great day, and then you have a very bad day.”

Ozzy said to in the LA Times in 2020: “I’m not going to die of Parkinson’s. I’ve dealt with it all my life. I’ve been a victim of death countless times. If you were to read tomorrow”Ozzy Osbourne was never awake up this morning,’ you won’t think, ‘Oh, My God!’ You’d say”Well I guess it caught his attention.'”

The Osbournes became famous in the early 2000s as MTV brought light to their lives as stars – as well as the children of royalty – through the premiere of an unscripted show that focused on the Osbourne family. The series debuted in 2002, and was on for four seasons ending with a curtain call in 2005.

Ozzy as well as Sharon also have their own daughter Aimee 38, who was recently rescued from an unfathomable fire in the studio recording facility in Hollywood. Aimee as well as her producer were able to escape the studio without injury.

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