Our liberal media love rage politics and endanger my husband and others who won’t back their woke agenda

On the 8th of November, 2017, I spent the entire day taking care of my husband Kentucky Senator. Rand Paul as he struggled to breathe. Rand was brutally attacked by a former neighbor who was a Trump-hater when he was performing landscaping in our backyard. He was wearing headphones that blocked out the noise and did not see or hear the man approaching. Six broken ribs as well as three broken ribs that were displaced and cracked at the ends, tore him every time he breathed. He was suffering from one of the two infections that caused lung damage, ultimately necessitating surgery. It was a sigh of relief to see the patient in such agonizing pain.

As I prayed, wept and attempted to assist him in recovering after his illness, a close friend sent me the savage and savage headline of the newspaper of the day, the Courier-Journal: “Rand Paul a not a perfect neighbor. …” This article reveals all you must be aware of the biases and motives that are reflected in the Courier-Journal. Even now, over 4 years after the incident, it is difficult to think of this story without shaking with frustration.

Kelley Paul and her husband Kentucky Republican Senator. Rand Paul

It’s been a season of violent political attacks from radical leftists like the fatal shooting of mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg by former Courier-Journal writer Quintez Brown, the harrowing attack against Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher at a parade and the attempted assassination Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh and the ongoing terrorization of the conservative Supreme Court Justices at their residences, and the attempt at attack on New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin during an event for political reasons.


Last week, the media liberals targeted my husband once more. The same Kentucky newspaper decided to include an opinion piece that continues to accuse Rand in the wake of the blindside assault by the criminal found guilty both in criminal and civil courts. The man confessed under oath that he did not have contact with Rand for more than a decade, and that he had never ever had a negative word exchange or complained against Rand. (Not to mention that it’s not important except that, you, like Courier-Journal and its op-ed writer they attempt to justify violence when there is a disagreement.)

The person who attacked Rand in 2017 however, posted brutal and graphic posts about Trump in his Facebook and Twitter accounts. The writers for the liberal newspaper’s op-eds did not mention all of these details, of course in order to portray Rand as an individual entitled to suffering and pain.


The authors of the op-ed not only deceived Rand’s attack they also said that the mob’s attack at Washington, D.C. in 2020 was similar to receiving “yelled by.”

Over nine minutes of live streamed footage of of us being taken hostage by just two police officers, while we were being in a swarm, assaulted as well as threatened, pushed along with flowing liquids after Trump’s speech during the Republican National Convention. We were totally immobile and were unable to escape away from the chaos of violence and threats.


The police repeatedly radioed for reinforcements and it was only when four more officers had arrived to forcibly disperse the mob of bicycles that they were allowed to get inside their phalanx of protection to safe.

This incident has been shown on television all over the world. But the media of liberals continues to propagate demonstrably proven lies as part of its continuing effort to denigrate people like my husband and the other conservatives who do not follow the liberal line.

A lot of conservative media are exactly what they claim to hate. They promote rage-politics, and are unwilling to allow a fair airing of the two sides of a discussion.

They promote rich, false narratives of conflict , which in turn encourage violence which has led to Rand being shot by a radical leftist lunatic and weekly threats of death to his office and terrorist strategies like fake anthrax powder as well as death threats sent to our house.

Even respected news outlets such as that of the Associated Press (AP) have cut down on their journalistic standards to be more accommodating to the woke mob who trade objectivity in exchange for partisan minimization.

Following the incident, when Rand as well as myself were attacked by the RNC and the RNC, the AP headline read: “Rand Paul claims, without proof that there was a mob by a mob in DC.” In spite of the fact that video evidence was real the AP was compelled to create a false narrative to reduce the violence against conservatives. In response to the video footage of a policeman who was falling to his feet after they fought to defend himself against mob of protesters, the AP said the officer as “jostled.” The media outlets that were downstream repeated the story.

The Democrats are creating a risky political atmosphere by fighting their cultural war on once-trusted elements of American media. Local news was an institution that Americans believed in, but many news outlets run by Democrats and other areas have renounced their responsibility to provide accountable journalism and have destroyed the trust of their readers.”

The liberal media outlets which continue to spread the vile and misleading information endanger my husband as well as my family as well as thousands of others who are in public offices. That should be a concern for all American.

Kelley Paul and her husband senator Rand Paul reside in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where they belong to the Broadway United Methodist Church. Kelley along with Rand have been married since the year 1990 and are the father of 3 sons. In April of 2015, Kelley published “True and Constant Friends.” In the publication, Kelley celebrates the inspiration and affection we get from the women who are part of our lives by writing about her friendships that have lasted throughout her life with her mother, her grandmother, who emigrated into America from Ireland in 1929.

Kelley was co-author of Rand’s bestseller of 2019, “The Case Against Socialism.” While on their national book trip, Kelley and Rand gave joint talks about this book, both in the national media, as well as for audiences all over the country and in various venues such including The Reagan Library in Washington, DC and Columbia University.

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