Miles Teller’s wife made him shave ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ mustache ‘immediately’

Miles Teller’s “Top Gun: Maverick” mustache is no longer present.

The actor of 35 years acknowledged in an interview the past that the wife Keleigh Sperry had pushed him to take off his’stache.

“My wife insisted that I immediately shave my head,” Teller told People magazine.

The facial hair of Teller sparked an eraof people logging their hairstyles on TikTok and other well-known social media platforms.

Miles Teller’s famous “Top Top Gun Maverick” mustache, which was the basis for an internet trend that has since faded. (Getty Images )


“[I’m extremely in support of it.”” Teller told the outlet on the current fashion. “If it makes people believe that they are more secure, it’s an improvement for them. … The world will be watching and waiting to check, but maybe it’s an ideal summer trend and will eventually fade out.”

Teller earlier suggested that, in the past he had suggested that the movie “Top Gun 3” might be in the works.

While he was unable to confirm the report, he did say that he’s discussed the subject during a the course of a conversation together with Tom Cruise.

“That is a fantastic idea but it’s still left entirely to T.C.,” Teller said during “Entertainment Tonight.” “It’s totally depend on Tom.

Keleigh Sperry Keleigh Sperry made Miles Teller shave his “Top Gun: Maverick” mustache “immediately” after the filming. (Samir Hussein/WireImage)

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“I’ve been having a couple of discussions with him on the issue. We’ll see.”

Teller was in the film with a cast of actors as characters “Top Gun: Maverick” as the new class of pilots.

“Top Gun” The “Top Gun” sequel, earned 1 billion dollars in box-office revenue during the fifth week of its release.

It was the film’s debut opening to be in the $100 million mark in the course of his career. The film was estimated to earn 124 million through ticket sales in its first weekof release, Paramount Pictures previously said.

In the lead up to “Maverick,” his biggest domestic debut was in 2005 by Steven Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds” which was a drop down to just $64 million. The next highest film was “Mission Impossible: Fallout” which made the estimated sum of $61 million in 2018.

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