Jin Xing: Career, Biography & Net Worth in 2022

There is a family name Jin in this Chinese name.

The Chinese ballerina and contemporary dancer Jin Xing (Chinese; pinyin: Jn Xng; born August 13, 1967) is a Chinese ballet dancer, modern dancer, choreographer, actress, founder, and artistic director of the Shanghai contemporary dance company. It’s no secret that she is a transgender celebrity

Early years of life

It is believed that Jin was born in 1967 in Shenyang, China, into a Chinese Chosun-Jok family (see Chosŏnjok). As a student at a local Chosunjok-Chinese elementary school, Jin studied the Chinese language and culture. In addition to her mother being a translator, her father was an intelligence officer serving in the military.

It was noted that she was extraordinarily intelligent, and she won many abacus contests over the years. She was also very enthusiastic about dancing. When she was nine years old, she joined the People’s Liberation Army to receive dance and military training from a troupe affiliated with the Shenyang Military Region. In 1984, she transferred to the People’s Liberation Army Art Academy, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. After graduation, she returned to the Shenyang military dance troupe, ultimately earning the rank of colonel. She later won the national dance competition with an ethnic Central Asian dance.

A scholarship to dance in New York was won by Jin in 1989. From 1989-to 1990, Jin studied modern dance in New York for four years during which she studied under modern dance pioneers such as Limon, Cunningham, and Graham.

Biography of Jin Xing

Do you have any questions regarding Jin Xing’s full biodata that you would like to ask? There is no doubt that the Chinese ballerina, Jin Xing, also known as Jin Xing, is one of the best-known names in the dance world. It has been estimated that in the year 2022, Shenyang, Liaoning, China, will celebrate its 55th anniversary.  She is 55 years old. Here is a table that gives you more information about her.

Name Jin Xing
Nickname Jin Xing
Gender Female
Date of Birth 13-Aug-1967
Age in 2022 55
Birth Place Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Country China
Nationality Chinese
Height None
Weight Weight
Profession Chinese Ballerina
Famous as Dancer, And Television Host

The transgendered Oprah of the Chinese people, who happens to be a transwoman

It is unknown how much money Xing earns per week from the show, but she has more than 100 million viewers a week, and she was the first person in her country to undergo gender reassignment surgery publicly. After having found extraordinary success after adversity, she now shares with us the unlikely story of how she found it.

Known for being one of the most popular television hosts in China, Jin Xing has been many things in her life: a prodigy ballet dancer, a decorated colonel in the People’s Liberation Army, a choreographer, an actress, a wife, and a mother of three. Also, she has been a man in the past.

In 1967, Jin was born in Shenyang, a small city in the northeast of mainland China, where her parents were ethnic Koreans – her father was a bureaucrat in the army and her mother was a translator.

By the time she was 4, she already felt that she was different, not only because of her sexuality, Moreover, she had a unique talent for dance that made her, by the age of nine, gain national acclaim, entitling her to join a prestigious dance troupe within the People’s Army (acrobatics and dance are strong propaganda tools within the Chinese military).

Jin’s rise through the ranks of the military would take two very different directions over the next ten years: she would study Russian ballet, Chinese opera, dancing, and acrobatics when as a member of the dance troupe; as a soldier, she would become proficient with machine guns, and she would learn how to place bombs delicately under bridges while as a soldier.

Her post-military life was no less ambitious than that of her military life. During a residency in New York, she became known as an acclaimed dancer, founded her dance group in Shanghai, and adopted three children whom she raised on her own until she married in 2005.

A huge part of what kicked off her career as a TV personality was her regular appearances as a judge on a local version of So You Think You Can Dance. She quickly won a loyal following for her withering takedowns, often soothing aspiring dancers to tears, earning her the nickname Poison Tongue on social media.

In the years to come, Jin’s popularity led her to launch The Jin Xing Show, an enormously popular variety and chat show – with an estimated 100 million viewers weekly – that featured a dance competition which she was the sole judge for. Since 1995, when she underwent surgery to change her gender, she has been living as a woman.

In these days of high-profile superstardom, Jin, 49, is a one-woman industry all of her own, a sort of Asian Oprah, Simon Cowell, and Caitlyn Jenner. However, Jin is an entirely unknown commodity outside China.

Her sexual identity has changed in recent years, but she will not talk about the circumstances leading up to it. She is not the first person in China to undergo this procedure. In China, however, gender reassignment was a highly taboo topic – the first news reports about gender reassignment appeared in Xinhua, the state-run news agency, in the early 1990s but usually in a negative context (the surgery was often referred to as a lifesaving procedure for patients who had self-harmed) – and Jin was the first public figure to undergo the procedure.

The Chinese government agreed to his request for her departure, but because the transition was so high profile – she was renowned as a female dancer at the time – public opinion usually associated it with tacit acceptance by the government. Although gender reassignment is still rare today, China’s official stance on the subject, as with gay marriage, is opaque. Even though neither of these is necessarily illegal, being openly gay or transgender still poses a definite risk.

The risk is, however, something Jin is happy to take. If she were asked to describe the arc of her entire life, she would begin from the beginning. When I was a very little girl, I did not want to be a dancer. “I have wanted to be on stage since I was four years old.”

The military experience she gained as a young woman gave her a sense of resiliency, but it was a tough experience that made her grow up very quickly.   In the armed forces, a member should have had some military experience since this indicates that he or she is a part of a military team.

As part of the uniform, you also receive military training, and you are paid a salary, it says, stating that she receives $1.50 a month in salary in addition to the uniform. The military barracks in which she lived were in the same city as her parents, but she hardly ever saw them. According to her, rules were rules.  You were not treated as a child in the military anymore – you were treated like an adult in the military.”


she has taught dance in Rome[9], [9] Belgium, and the Netherlands,[10] after which she went on a world tour, and she has returned to China. The following year, she underwent sex reassignment surgery[10]. Her left leg was paralyzed after the surgery for three months.[5] In 1999, she founded the Jin Xing Dance Theater. It gained quite a bit of success over the years.

This enables Jin to apply his dances in ways that are both original.” (12] Examples include The Imperial Concubine Has Been Drunk for Ages (Guifei zui jiu, an adaptation of the famous Peking opera title), as well as Cross Border-Crossing the Line (Cong dong dao xi, a collaboration with British pianist Joanna MacGregor).

Film and television

Her film debut came in 2002 with the Korean film Resurrection of the Little Match Girl, for which she won the Best Actress Award. In 2005, she played the role of the villain, Madam Rose, in the Thai movie Tom-Yum-Goong, which was released in English.

Jin began her career as a television judge in 2013, and in 2014, she joined China’s first season of So You Think You Can Dance as a guest judge. It was during this show’s third season that Jin began to become a viral sensation when she severely criticized its host for trying to turn a contestant’s injury into a heartwarming tale.  As she stated at a press conference in May 2013, Chinese television digs at people’s scars and consumes their pain when they are highly exposed..”.. This is their biggest weakness, and I completely denounce it! I hope on So You Think You Can Dance that we won’t use people’s pain, sympathy, and suffering for our purposes.” The audience appreciated her raw honesty, and nine months later she had her national television show.

Between 2015 and 2017, she hosted her television chat show on Dragon TV called the Jin Xing Show. In the same year, she became the host of Chinese Dating with the Parents, a dating show in which parents choose a prospective wife for their sons. Jin’s show has been criticized for portraying a conservative view on marriage and gender roles.  Vivian Wang and Joy Dong for The New York Times comment on Jin’s reluctance to be described as a conservative. She says, “If I were a male chauvinist, I would stay as a man.” Jin has also advocated against gender discrimination in the workplace.

In 2016, Jin and her husband participated in The Amazing Race China 3 where they placed sixth.

The resurrection of the Little Match Girl

The Second Coming of the Girl Who Sells the Match (Korean: The Second Coming of The Girl Who Sells the Match; RR: Sungnyangpali sonyeoui Jae-rim) is a South Korean action film released in 2002. This film was screened at the London Film Festival in 2003 and was also the opening film at the Fantasia Film Festival the following year.

In 1845 Hans Christian Andersen wrote a story entitled “The Little Match Girl” which inspired the film, “Mardock Scramble”, which was released in 1894.


The story takes place in modern Korean society. One of the main characters is a young woman selling matches on the streets. People aren’t buying them, and stores are forcing her to leave. Her hands are cold, and she’s hungry, so she uses the matches to warm them up.

As she is walking by the fumes, a passerby tells her that she should smell them instead. When she no longer feels hungry or cold, she reflects on the snowflakes that have turned into cherry petals and notice she is dying in the street amidst the beauty of the scene.

Ju is having fun in a bar with his friend Lee as he entertains two young women with comedy acts. One of Lee’s competitors in a StarCraft tournament is a well-known StarCraft player. One of Lee’s competitors in a StarCraft tournament is a well-known StarCraft player.

A well-known StarCraft player is one of Lee’s competitors in a StarCraft tournament, while Ju seems more interested in his meal and leaves on his own. Ju has to work as a delivery boy and is humiliated by his boss. Like his friend Lee, who was able to win the tournament and go on to become a professional gamer, he also wants to be a great gamer.

While hanging out at the game arcade, Ju happens to meet the Match Girl and buys a lighter. To follow her, he follows them from a distance, but as soon as she is joined by another man, he follows them from a distance also. On the boat, they leave, and Ju wakes up in front of the arcade, holding the lighter but the Match Girl is nowhere to be seen.

She is nowhere to be seen. He searches in vain, but he cannot find her.s in vain, but he cannot find her. The way the game works: he calls the number on the lighter and is greeted by a message inviting him to play “Resurrection of the Little Match Girl”. In the end, Ju decides to join the game, after hearing an explanation of how it is played and its dangers. Although he must let the girl die, she must also think of him as her beloved before she dies.

After that, Ju is shown some of the characters he will have to deal with to save the Match Girl. In this movie, a small gang and a female gunslinger who rides a motorcycle foil an organ harvester’s plans. During the story, Ju is introduced to a woman named Lara, who is also described as a lesbian. When Ju asks her to admit him as a student, she rejects his request.

To win the heart of the Match Girl, the gang intends to rape her, but when their leader arrives to save her, he beats up his underlings to win her heart. However, a second gang appears at the scene and catches the girl. As Lara tries to fight against them, she loses the battle and is knocked out, but Ju intervenes and saves her life. Afterward, they chased the gangsters back to a nightclub, where Lara was wounded after a gunfight with the gangsters.

When the leader orders Lara to be killed, he receives a call from the system asking him to reconsider. Ju is found to be a suspected virus, so instead of targeting him, Ju is targeted. During the time that Ju was on his way to the hospital with Lara, he was informed that if he went to the hospital he would lose. During the time that Ju was on his way to the hospital with Lara, he was informed that if he went to the hospital he would lose.

In the course of the time that Ju was on his way to the hospital with Lara, he received an instruction informing him that if he went to the hospital, he would lose. Ju abandons Lara and takes her gun and motorcycle. Ju begins to be chased by soldiers, and as he runs from them, the designer of the System appears and saves him. He hides in the world as a fisherman in disguise, and he does so by posing as a fisherman. It is also at this point that Lee lets him go because he has a lot of friends.

Having found the Match Girl, Ju takes her to a restaurant while eluding the soldiers and avoids getting caught by them. On the following morning, the girl wakes up alongside him and takes his machine gun with her as she departs. Although she continues to sell her lighters, the girl retaliates by pointing her gun at the people who reject her. After this, she becomes a famous figure.

The soldiers and gangsters have made several unsuccessful attempts to capture her, so she threatens that if she is approached, she will shoot herself. She is really mad at him since he killed her boyfriend, and she is going to use the last bullet on him since he caused her to lose her boyfriend.

The soldiers withdraw, but the gangster leader talks to her. The gangster is shot and as he lies dying, he declares that the System is involved in the killing of the girl’s boyfriend, not him. She is taken to the Companion Centre to undergo reprogramming.

In the middle of the pier, Ju finds the System designer fishing. He wants to know if he should give him some advice. When he met Lara, he was told they would serve him a mackerel. As it turns out, the mackerel turns out to be the equivalent of a powerful toy gun.

In addition to Ju, Lara, who was saved by the designer, and the mackerel, the System is attacked by Lara and Ju. A battle leads to the System building, during which Lara is killed, and Ju is forced to enter the building by herself.

Inside, he is faced with a constantly changing virtual world, filled with enemies appearing everywhere. As he runs to the Match Girl, he can detect where she is and can run through different landscapes until he can find her. When Lee meets him again, after he defeats Ju, they proceed to the core of the system together. Although Lee is shot, Ju is allowed to enter on his own.

As Ju is congratulated for his performance, it is too late for him to acknowledge she has not recognized him as she has already been reprogrammed and cannot recognize him as a match. As Ju tries to reach her, a desperate attempt is made and she is killed and the words, “Game Over” appear on the screen. The delivery boy stares at the screen of the game and then he goes back to being a delivery boy once again.

We are shown an alternative version of the game’s ending. This version of the story shows Ju asking to give the lighter back to the match girl, and he is permitted to do so. When he handed the girl the book, he shed a tear, which fell on her hand. It is this time that the girl, as she is being led away, grabs a machine gun and begins shooting at them.

During a race on the waves, the girl chases a butterfly into the sea, shooting at it while running, but she does not succeed. When she goes swimming, she is shot in the back and sinks. When she goes swimming, she is shot in the back and sinks. As she is swimming, she is shot in the back and sinks. Ju dives into the water and saves her. Then he shoots the butterfly, causing the whole world to come crashing down around him.

As Ju begins to wake up, he finds himself in an unknown place, living with the Match Girl, who has forgotten all of her past experiences.


  1. Lim Eun-Kyung— Little Match Girl
  2. Kim Hyun-sung — Ju
  3. Kim Jin-Pyo— Lee
  4. Jin Xing— Lala
  5. Myung Gye-nam
  6. Jung Doo-hong— Oberon
  7. Kangta— Special Guest Star
  8. Lee Chung-ah
  9. Lee Han-garl — Orunpal
  10. Seo Jae-kyeong


Grand Bell Awards (2003)

  • Best Art Direction (Choi Jeong-Hwa)
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Visual Effects (Cha Soo-min, Hwang Hyun-kyu, Kim Sung-hoon)

Other work

Her participation in the Stock Exchange of Visions project in 2007 was very meaningful to her.

Jin defended the traditional and traditional roles of females and males in traditional societies during an interview in 2015. There was a lot of controversy surrounding her remarks.

As part of the Dior advertising campaign to promote the empowerment and independence of women in May of 2021, she took part in an advertisement for the brand.

In March of 2022, Jin published a post on Sina Weibo where she criticized the military invasion of Ukraine by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Several hours later, her post was removed from her profile by Chinese censors.


It is a 2005 Thai martial arts action movie starring Tony Jaa, titled (Thai: IPA: [tôm jam kû*]). This was the third film directed by Prachya Pinkaew, who is also responsible for Jaa’s previous breakout hit Ong-Bak. Jaa and his mentor Panna Rittikrai choreographed both Ong-Bak and Jaa’s fights, as they did with Ong-Bak. Warrior King is distributed in the United Kingdom as Warrior King, the Protector is sold in the United States as The Protector, Thai Dragon is sold in Spain as Thai Dragon.

Revenge of the Warrior is sold in Germany, and Honor of the Dragon is sold in Russia and CIS countries as Honor of the Dragon. From the name of another Bollywood film starring Rajesh Khanna, it was called the elephant, my partner in Haathi Mere Saathi (literally translated, elephant, my partner).


Kham, the last of a long line of guards who once watched over the king of Thailand’s war elephants, was born into a family of war elephant keepers. The throne could be successfully defended only by the most perfect elephants, so great care was taken to raise them so that they would be able to be the most valuable.

Throughout his childhood, Kham develops close relationships with his elephant Por Yai and his calf, Kohrn. It has been reported that elephants can be stolen during the Songkran festival with the help of Mr. Suthep, a local politician, along with his son, who is working with elephant thieves, who are cooperating with them.

During the raid, Kham beats up the poachers and forced them out of Mr. Suthep’s house. There is a Vietnamese gangster who runs an Australian Thai restaurant whose name is Tom Yum Goong Otob in Sydney called Johnny, and he tries to intimidate Suthep into telling him that the elephants are in his hands.

Upon arriving in Sydney, Kham is immediately taken hostage by a thief dressed as a taxi driver posing as a wanted person. A Thai-Australian police officer named Mark (Petchtai Wongkamlao) and his partner Rick corner thief Kham, who is being held by the public security officer at gunpoint. It seems, however, that since Kham left the airport, another policeman, Inspector Vincent, has also been following him closely. In the beginning, he initially shot the thief in the face.

Kham shoots the thief when he drops dead, shortly after which he tries to shoot the thief. It is not easy for Mark to understand Vincent’s actions. He questions why he would do such a thing.  As a result of their argument with Vincent, Mark and Rick are asked to retrieve Kham, which they ultimately do. Eventually, Vincent admits that Kham is not a hostage.

Kham tells Mark in the car that he is looking for relatives (but does not directly say that they are elephant relatives) but he does not make his feelings known to him.  On their way to the Tom Yum Goong restaurant in the city, they see Johnny while they are traveling.

Mark and Rick are confronted with Kham’s erratic behavior as he demands Mark and Rick arrest him, but Mark argues they cannot because Kham is offering no proof of a crime. am is offering no proof of a crime. Kham is accused of causing the car to crash, evading the police as he tries to escape.

After following Johnny to the bridge, Kham is forced to fight his henchmen, but Johnny escapes from him. Kamm is forced to lead one of Johnny’s henchmen to Johnny’s hideout and interrupts a drug deal that was in the process of taking place. Johnny is now outraged at the thought of Kham’s threat, so he summons several extreme sports enthusiasts to help him fight Kham.

When Kham has defeated the thugs, he is exhausted and falls asleep in an alley after defeating them. When Kham confronts Johnny, a prostitute named Pla (Bongkoj Khongmalai) brings him to her apartment. The plan was the one who first met Kham when he confronted Johnny.

The elephant protectors, the Jaturangkabart, dream of a battle in their sleep between war elephants and the war elephants. In the morning, Kham wakes up to the sound of police sirens and must escape to prevent himself from being arrested.

As a hostess girl and dancer, Pla functions as a hostess to those two men during the meeting as Rick and Mark are taken off the case and assigned to provide security for the meeting between the police commissioner and Mr. Sim. Pla plays the role of the hostess for these two men during the meeting…

As a result of someone hired by Vincent, someone murders Mr. Sim and the Commissioner during the meeting. As a result of the camera mounted on the commissioner, the murder is documented. According to Vincent, Mark killed Rick and blamed him. Mark then escapes but is later captured after escaping.

Pla helps Kham enter the Tom Yum Goong Otob with the help of Pla. After fighting his way into the VIP area, he reaches the dining hall on the top floor of the building.  In the middle of the night, Kham heard the cry of his elephants wondering where they were”, Johnny and his men in the field laugh heartily. With the ringing of Kohrn’s bell, Johnny taunts Kham.

Kham becomes enraged by this act and starts fighting and defeating his opponents. Upon entering the storage area, he finds various exotic animals ready to be slaughtered and eaten, all of which are stored. As Mark and Kohrn are escaping from the police minutes before they arrive, Kham finds Mark and Kohrn and frees them. The Chinese gang is led by the new leader Madame Rose, who has murdered two of her potential successors in the process.

Upon hearing that Kham and Mark have been hiding in a Buddhist temple, Inspector Vincent launches a search for them. Vincent and his men set fire to the monastery shortly after they depart. After a short while, Mark and Kham decided to turn back because they believed that the temple and its inhabitants might be in danger.

There are three assassins: Kham is faced by fierce and skilled capoeira (Lateef Crowder), Jon Foo wields a sword and T.K. has the strength of a giant wrestler (Nathan Jones). T.K proves too strong for Kham even though he defeats the capoeirista and wushu expert. T.K. was able to gain the upper hand over Kham, but when the police arrived, Mark came to help him flee. By the morning, Kham had made his way home.

Mark has been discovered by several policemen and is sent to speak with Vincent, the inspector who Pla has revealed to be the murderer. Madame Rose is holding a press conference in a conference room when Kham arrives at the venue. In the meantime, Kohrn runs in, scaring off people, and Kham engages the gangsters. In the end, Mark can apprehend Vincent, but Johnny arrives and orders Vincent to be fatally shot to settle the score.

As Kham, Kohrn, and Madame Rose sit in the room, Kohrn shows him the skeleton of Por Yai that is encrusted with jewels as a gift to Madame Rose. Kham’s men then attack her, and it is he who attacks them most brutally and brutally, breaking many of their arms and legs in the process. T.K. is called in along with three other monks from the monastery.

The body of Kohrn is thrown through a glass window, and Kham is knocked into an elephant ornament, resulting in the loss of both leg bones. Kam and his team of brutal wrestlers know that the tendons are the most vulnerable parts of an elephant to be protected, and using these facts, they defeat the four brutes by using sharp ends of the elephant bones to slice their Madame Rose was about to leave in a helicopter he stopped her and they both crashed into the room below before Madame Rose could escape. room below.

The tusks of Por Yai are the only things that can break Kham’s fall. During their time spent in the lobby, Mark was shown Pla and was forgiven by the investigator Lamond, his boss. A new partner is given to him who speaks Thai. There is then an interview with Mark about Kham conducted by a reporter. As a final bit of narration, Mark’s narration is heard, followed by scenes from Kham’s childhood.

In his expert explanation of Thai culture, Mark describes how the Thai people treat elephants as if they are their family, and they hate anyone who harms them. Thailand loves peace and dislikes people who abuse it in any way. It is just a matter of time before Kham and Kohrn are reunited.

Personal life

Having just turned six years old, Jin underwent a sex reassignment procedure in Beijing, in the hope that she would be transformed in the blink of an eye from a boy to a girl by the stroke of lightning.

Throughout her life, Jin has adopted three children.[1After adoption at the age of 33, Jin raised two more children on her own until her marriage to Heinz Gerd Oidtmann in 2005.[16] In 2005, Jin and her German husband Heinz Gerd Oidtmann were married. Currently, Jin lives with her husband and children in Shanghai, along with the rest of her family.

It hasn’t been just her fluency in Chinese that makes her exceptionally talented; she’s also fluent in Korean, Japanese, Italian, and French.

An ethnic, religious, and political background

The majority of people would like to know the ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, and race of Jin Xing? So let’s find out for ourselves! Public sources, such as IMDb & Wikipedia, indicate that Jin Xing’s ethnicity is Not Known. This article will attempt to update Jin Xing’s views on religion and politics. Please come back to the article in a few days.

While playing the role of a judge on China’s first season of So You Think You Can Dance in 2013, she began her rise to national fame. Jin went viral when she scathingly criticized the host of the show after the latter attempted to turn a contestant’s injury into a sad tale. According to her, Chinese television is always digging at people’s scars, consuming their pain and heartache.

I dislike this weakness, and I think it is one of their biggest weaknesses. During the interview, she said, “I hope that when I do So You Think You Can Dance, we won’t utilize the pain of others, the sympathy of others, or the suffering of others.

Her raw honesty took the audiences by storm, and just nine months later, she had her national television show that was aired nationwide.

Jin Xing’s Net Worth

There is no doubt that Jin is one of the richest ballet dancers as well as listed on the list of the most popular ballet dancers. Jin Xing’s estimated net worth is estimated at around $1.5 Million based on data collected from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Originally from Korea, Jin studied at a local Korean elementary school as a child of ethnic Korean parents. Besides her father being a policeman, Jin’s mother was also a teacher. Her high level of intelligence was widely praised, and she consistently won abacus contests. acus contests. Her dancing performance demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm.

When she was nine years old, she enlisted in the People’s Liberation Army to receive dance and military training from the military district of Shenyang’s dance company. She transferred to the People’s Liberation Army at 12 years of age and graduated in 1984. As she progressed through her training, she was able to attain the rank of Colonel in the Shenyang military dance troupe.

The next year, she won the national dance competition with a piece inspired by an ethnic dance from Central Asia.

While playing the role of a judge on China’s first season of So You Think You Can Dance in 2013, she began her rise to national fame. She became a hot topic online after making a scathing comment on the show’s host for turning a contestant’s injury into a sob story after she made a scathing comment on the show’s host.

Adding to her comments she said, “I hate Chinese TV for this very reason! I don’t like it. There will be no use of people’s pain, sympathy, or suffering on So You Think You Can Dance.” She told the audience, “We will never use people’s suffering, also called pain, sympathy or sympathy.” The audience loved her raw honesty and nine months later she had her own nationally broadcast show.

She hosted her talk show on Dragon TV between 2015 and 2017, which she called The Jin Xing Show In 2016, she hosted the dating show Chinese Dating, where parents select the prospective wives for their sons based on a list of candidates.

The show has been criticized for portraying a conservative view on marriage and the role of women in the family, along with other issues. She is fluent in Chinese, English, Korean, Italian, French, and German.

Jin Xing Age and Birthday Info 2022

The following section will give you detailed information on Jin Xing’s birthday as well as his age. According to Wikipedia, Jin Xing’s actual age is 55 and her birthday is 13-Aug-1967. So, when is Jin Xing’s next birthday? This will be Jin Xing’s next birthday on the 13th of August, 2022.

Birthday 13 August 2022
Next Birthday 13 August 2022
Age 55 years
Place of Birth Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Country of Birth China


  • Birth of the Dragon(2016)
  • Tom-Yum-Goong(2005)
  • The resurrection of the Little Match Girl(2002)

Frequently Asked Questions about Jin Xing

A few questions are frequently asked about Jin Xing. These questions are:

How much wealth does Jin Xing have?

Jin Xing has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

What is the place of birth of Jin Xing?

He is from Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning province in China, where his parents hail from

What is the date on which Jin Xing was born?

It is estimated that Jin Xing was born on 13 August 1967.

Is Jin Xing Married?

In the case of Jin Xing, her marital status is: Married.

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