Indian EdTech Startups to watch out for in 2023

The Indian EdTech market has been growing at a rapid pace over the last few years. There are many exciting startups in this space and they are changing the lives of millions of students all over India. If you have not heard about these startups yet, here is my list of top Indian EdTech startups to watch out for in 2023:


Maptitude is a digital platform for learning geography, environment, and climate. Founded in 2018 by Ankit Gupta and Sajan Jindal, Maptitude allows users to learn about their surrounding area through videos that are tailored to each state or city. The company has raised $2.5 million in funding from investors like Lightspeed Venture Partners and other angel investors who wanted to help them expand into new markets across the world including India, Brazil, and China.

Maptitude has also partnered with IBM Watson AI Lab so it can provide personalized content based on user interests as well as suggest new places you could visit or things you could do while traveling around town if they’re available nearby (like museums)


MilliMapper is a platform that helps you learn maths and science through online learning. The company has been in the market for 2 years now, but it has recently made its mark with its latest product – MilliMapper Labs.

MilliMapper Labs allows teachers to create courses for their students, who can then access these courses on the app’s platform or website. Students have access to multiple options and tools when they are trying to learn something new or practice skills they already have mastered (such as multiplication tables). They also have an option called “My Account” where parents can view what their child is doing in school through his/her progress reports, notes, etc.


If you’re looking for an AI-powered language learning platform, Awaaz is one to watch. The startup was founded in 2017 by Shubham Gupta and is based out of Mumbai, India.

Awaaz’s founder is also its CEO, who has seen success with his previous ventures—most notably as the founder of EdTech startup EdifyDegrees which he sold to L&T Group in 2016.

Awaaz currently offers courses in 12 languages including Hindi (Hindi), Bengali (Bengali), Marathi (Marathi), Gujarati (Gujarati), and Tamil (Tamil). It also provides e-learning content through its website or mobile app which can be used offline or online depending on your preferences


ContentTutor is a platform that helps students learn from the best teachers in the world. The company uses AI to make learning more effective and efficient. It has a large library of online courses, covering subjects like programming, data science, and web design.


ReadingChat is a technology startup that offers an online reading comprehension platform? The company’s mission is to help students improve their reading skills through interactive exercises, while also offering them tips on how to read better and study more effectively.

The platform offers users the ability to explore various topics in English or Hindi, depending on their preferred language of study. Users can take quizzes about specific passages as well as get personalized feedback from tutors who have been trained by ReadingChat’s team of experts in this area. The app also allows users to post comments after each reading exercise so that others can provide feedback based on what they’ve learned from studying the same material themselves!


iCODER was started by two brothers, Alok and Sameer. They wanted to create a platform that could help students and teachers engage in coding competitions. The platform is used by schools and colleges across India to promote learning in coding languages like Python, Java, etc. It also hosts competitions for these languages for students of Class IX-XII.

The website provides all the necessary information about the competition as well as how it works at both ends: On one hand, it provides information about what’s going on within the system; on the other hand, it gives access to all participants who will be able to register themselves into different categories depending upon their background or experience level with computer science related subjects like programming languages, etc.

Quizlet for Schools

Quizlet is a learning platform that has more than 100 million users. It’s used by students, teachers, and lifelong learners. In fact, it’s so popular that it’s used in over 1 million classrooms around the world.

Quizlet is the best way to study on any device — whether you’re at home or at school — because it gives you access to millions of educational videos from your favorite instructors across the web and on mobile devices (like smartphones). You can even create your own quizzes for friends or family members who aren’t able to take them with them when they travel!

Here is my list of top Indian EdTech startups to watch out for in 2023.

Here is my list of top Indian EdTech startups to watch out for in 2023.

  • App-Ya: This startup is a mobile app development company that helps companies build mobile apps and web applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and more. It also provides software development services including full stack development (backend & frontend). In addition to this, it offers training on how to code using open-source frameworks like Angular JS or React JS.
  • Blue Book: This online bookstore offers books from authors such as Paulo Coelho and Stephen King in both digital formats like ebooks or audiobooks as well as physical copies through its retail stores across India or directly through its website at


Maptitude is a new EdTech startup that helps students learn geography by matching them with expert teachers, who can help them solve real-world problems. It’s an exciting new way to teach and learn, but it’s not without its challenges. For one thing, there are only about 200 teachers in the entire country—and many of them don’t have the time or resources to help every student who contacts them. Another issue is that many schools aren’t willing to partner up with Maptitude because they think it will take away from their own programs.

In order for this technology to become widely adopted by classrooms across India (and elsewhere), these problems need to be solved first! Luckily, there are solutions available right now: software like MilliMapper and ContentTutor can help make geography lessons more engaging while also ensuring that the content they cover remains relevant today (versus being outdated). This isn’t just important for students – teachers would benefit too if they could spend less time teaching things like countries within Africa or Antarctica instead focusing on more relevant topics like climate change or water pollution.”

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