Google celebrates Indian wrestling legend Gama Pehlwan with doodle

Google created a doodle on Sunday in honor of one of the world’s most famous wrestlers -the legendary Gama Pehlwan.

The mustachioed Pehlwan who is sometimes referred to as “The Great Gama,” is shown holding the mace on his shoulder in this doodle made by artist guest Vrinda Zaveri to commemorate his 144th birthday. the Pehlwan’s birth.

The event was created to commemorate the Pehlwan’s “accomplishments on the stage, but as well the significance and influence the ring contributed in Indian cultural practices,” the company stated.

It is said that the legend surrounding Pehlwan remains a topic of discussion until today. Pehlwan was undefeated in more than 5,000 fights during his five-decade career in wrestling. With a height of 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and at around 250lbs, Pehlwan was the definition of strongman.


His training routine included the following: 5,000 situps, 3,500 pushups, and competing against forty wrestlers According to the Olympics website.

These training techniques were reportedly the inspiration for the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, according to the writer John Little, “Bruce Lee The Art of Experimenting with the Human Body.”

born in the year 1878. Pehlwan participated in the strongman contest at the age of 10 in Rajasthan when he was just 10 years old. Pehlwan stole the show before 400 strongmen and wrestlers and placed in the top 15 and was later awarded the title because of his age.

Indian wrestling champion Gama along with American adversary Benjamin “Doc” Roller in an exhibition match in the Alhambra Theatre Aug. 8 10th, 1910. Gama defeated Roller in less than two minutes. (Topical Getty Images/Press Agency)

He was in 1895 when he took on the undisputed Indian wrestler Raheem Bakhsh Sultani Wala who was 7 feet tall.

Despite the fact that he was bleeding from his ears and nose, the 17-year old Pehlwan stood up to the bigger and older opponent, both bouts concluding in a draw as reported by the outlet.

The legend of his life also grew when the reports that he battled groups of armed men on occasions. In one incident, he hit the leader so hard that it led the mob to flee the scene in fear.

His professional career ended when potential opponents would not enter the ring with him.

Pehlwan passed away in 1960 at the age of 82.


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