Glenn Greenwald: Dems helping Trump-loving GOP win primaries is a ‘dangerous game’ for them

Glenn Greenwald, an independent journalist, joined ” The Ingraham Angle” in order to discuss the “game” that Democrats play by supporting Trump-loving candidates.

GLENN GREENWALD – You can find the exact same statements about Donald Trump from mainstream liberal pundits going back to 2016. They said, “We really are rooting to Donald Trump.” We hope that the Republican Party will not nominate Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio as their nominee. They are far more powerful establishment candidates than us. But we know we can beat them. They got what they wanted.


They elected Donald Trump and lost, even though Trump wasn’t very popular, Hillary Clinton was more popular. They don’t realize how hateful the establishment candidates are, I think. While they may be correct in Maryland, they are wrong in many other cases. In general, populist candidates appeal more to large portions of the electorate. Democrats are playing a very dangerous card, helping to win the nomination. They are claiming that these people are determined to destroy American democracy.

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