The Farming Base that Guarantees a Win in Clash of Clans

For months, I’ve been tweaking my base in Clash of Clans, looking at the layout and trying out different strategies to make sure I was going to win every time I went into battle. My clan mates were constantly asking me what kind of farming base I used since my win percentage was always so high the answer was it was the same base every time, but it wasn’t one that any other players would recommend.

What is an ideal farming base?

An ideal farming base is one that will allow you to earn as many resources as possible without losing troops. It should have very few entry points and be easy to attack from all sides. It should also be defended from air attacks by at least one defensive structure per side, such as cannons or mortars. Finally, it needs to be protected from ground-based troops with walls and enough space around the outside perimeter for your defenses to spread out.

Example 1 – Clash of Clans War Town Hall Level 5 (with Bomb Tower)

The first and most important thing to do when setting up your base is to think about how the enemy will attack it. With this in mind, you should place the buildings so they can defend against these attacks.

This farming base design has three different compartments for resources. The clan castle is positioned on the border between two resource zones, which would make it difficult for attackers to get both resources at once. The town hall is also located far enough away from the center of the base that it would take an attacker some time to reach it and destroy it while distracted by other buildings.

Example 2 – Anti-3 Star Trophy Base in Clash of Clans

If you’re looking for an anti-3 star trophy base, then this is the one for you. With the help of some powerful key defenses and high-level buildings, it will be very difficult to beat this farming base. The build starts off with two Wall Breakers in the bottom right corner. This will allow you to get right into the Town Hall and King’s Tower without any major trouble.

Once inside, you’ll want to go after as many trophies as possible while keeping your resources intact. To do this, there are two key defenses that come in handy – Inferno Towers and Tesla Traps. These will not only take out multiple troops at once but also keep enemy troops from coming close enough to your TH or KTs to steal any trophies or loot some resources.

Example 3 – Beginner Friendly TH4+ in Clash of Clans

With the recent nerfs to TH4+, most people are struggling to get 3 stars on anything but the easiest bases. And even then, it’s not guaranteed. But there is one farming base design that we have found works perfectly for TH4+ and guarantees 3 stars every time! It’s called the Triangle Defense because it uses three layers of walls to defend against attacks from all angles.

The key aspect of this design is that you can use two extra buildings (barracks, clan castle) to make your troops go twice as fast as they would without them. This means you can train an army quickly and have it at full strength before your opponent has had a chance to attack!

Example 4 – Town Hall 4 with Bomb Tower in Clash of Clans

With the new game update, it is no longer possible to upgrade your village to level 8. To compensate for this change, many players are switching to Town Hall 9 so they can have an additional builder’s hut and max out their storage capacity. This makes it important to have an excellent farming base, as it will be your main source of resources like elixir and dark elixir.

The best farming base for Town Hall 4 is one with a bomb tower. This farming base features eight empty spaces around the outer ring. Once you know where your opponent’s troops are going to go, place down some mines or traps and watch them explode!

Example 5 – Anti-GoWiPe Town Hall 8 War Base in Clash of Clans

Knowing the base design is the most important part to defend against an attack. This base will be defending against Giants, Wizards, Pekkas, and Witches. The first thing you need to do is place your Town Hall right next to the river so it can’t get killed by spells or troops. You will also want to protect your resources so put them on the opposite side as your Town Hall.

You should also have all four air defenses protecting this area and make sure they are not connected together with walls because a well-placed lightning spell or balloon could take down all four air defenses at once. If you have enough elixir, go ahead and create another layer of walls around where the air defenses are positioned for extra protection.

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