The Quirky and Entertaining Wordle Game Qourdle: A Review

Released just before the holidays in 2017, Wordle Game Qourdle was an instant hit among word game fans. This unique cross between Scrabble and Boggle offered players something totally new that has yet to be rivaled by anything else on the market. If you love word games as I do, this one’s for you! Read on for my full review of Qourdle, along with some tips and strategies to help you succeed in this clever brain game.

How to Play

Qourdle is a word game that’s quick to learn, easy to play, and guaranteed to provide hours of fun. The game is played by drawing tiles from a bag with the letters of the alphabet printed on them until you have at least three letters in your hand. You can then create as many words as possible with those tiles, one letter per tile. These words are then scored based on their length and complexity, with longer words receiving more points than shorter ones. The first player to reach 500 points wins!

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One of my favorite things about Qourdle is how simple it is to set up. The game comes in a small drawstring bag that contains an assortment of letter tiles (both consonants and vowels), scoring chips, and sand timers. The bag even includes a pattern for customizing your own bags with whatever theme you like! All you need to play is some paper, something to write with, and a few players. If you want to get fancy though, each player can choose a colored pencil or crayon to use as their marker instead of just writing on paper.

The Objective

Qourdle is a word game that has players matching letter cards to generate words. The point of the game is to build words that are as long as possible with the letters you are dealt. The more letters in a word, the more points it’s worth. Players take turns drawing two cards from the deck. If they can’t make any words with their combination of letters, they discard one card and draw another one until they create a word or run out of cards.

The game ends when all players have run out of cards. Players then count up their points based on any words they were able to make. If a player is able to make an eight-letter word, that’s worth double points, so there is a reason for even those who may not be as experienced in vocabulary to continue playing until everyone has run out of letters. The player with the most points wins. Although younger players will likely find it challenging to form eight-letter words, Qourdle makes up for it by offering options for how players can adjust how many letters each word must contain in order to win.

The Pros

Qourdle is a very unique word game where players are tasked with finding words hidden in an arrangement of letters. Players can find words by looking for the word, thinking of a word that relates to the word, or looking at other players’ guesses. This game is great for all ages, but it’s best when played with close friends. It’s also a really fun way to get people talking about their thoughts and opinions on topics- whether they’re known or not!

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Qourdle is also a great way to practice reading comprehension, vocabulary building, spelling, or even just have a good time. This game is simple to understand but has so many different ways to play that it never gets old! It really is a fantastic party game whether you’re looking for something new to do at your next get-together or need something fun to play with your close friends. The fact that it comes in such a compact size makes it perfect for travel, too! All in all, if you’re looking for an engaging and stimulating word puzzle game, I’d definitely recommend Qourdle. This is one of those games that can appeal to everyone!

The Cons

Qourdle is a lot of fun, but it does have some drawbacks. The most glaring issue is that the word lists are too short for my liking. There are only three-letter lists, one four-letter list, one five-letter list, and one six-letter list. The words on these lists all have a theme related to the particular letter or number.

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This can be limiting to some people who might want to play the game with their own word list. Some may also find that they need time before they get used to how the game works; I had to read through the instructions a few times before I understood how exactly it was played. This can be inconvenient because sometimes you just want to jump right in and start playing.


A few days ago I was looking for a new word game to play on my phone when I came across the interesting game Qourdle. The premise of the game is simple; you are given six letters and need to find as many words as possible using only those letters before time runs out. It sounds simple enough, but what makes this game really fun is that there are no pre-set words to go off of like in other word games so there’s more room for creativity. You can choose from three levels, Easy, Medium, and Hard (six letters each) which gives you a lot of flexibility depending on your skill level or how much time you have on hand.

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