‘Deadliest Catch’ cast reacts to the death of Nick McGlashan in emotional tribute episode

In the latest episode, Discovery’s ” Deadliest Catch“, crew members learned about the passing of their friend, and fellow fisherman Nick McGlashan.

McGlashan was a crew member and deck boss at the Summer Bay. “Wild Bill Wichrowski” , who died in December from a drug overdose in Nashville, Tenn., was 33 years old. The acclaimed series featured him in more than 78 episodes.

Yahoo Entertainment noted that cameras were set up as other show members received the news about their deceased colleague 36 hours prior to the start of the next season. All of this was captured on the emotionally charged June 15 episode.

His Captain was one of the first to receive the news via a phone call.

Wichrowski screams “Oh my God” in the episode.


Nick McGlashan, the star of ‘Deadliest Catch’, died December 31 at 33. (Discovery)

“Wow,” Captain Johnathan Hillstrand stated (via People). “[Just] like this, Nick’s gone.”

Captain Sig Hansen said, “I have text messages and other words that Nick McGlashan has died,”. “Nick was part of Summer Bay, and pretty much every boat Bill [Wichrowski] has been running lately. You know Bill treated him like a family member.”

He said, “I can’t imagine what he is going through right now. But hopefully Bill will make it happen, assuming that he ever comes up.” I don’t know where Bill is at the moment.

The cast of “Deadliest Catch”, after many seasons and years spent in the same Alaskan fishing village, showed their support in this episode. McGlashan’s death from the coronavirus was not immediately clear. Wichrowski decided that he would pay tribute to McGlashan on the water. He threw his hook in the ocean one last time and also fired off expired flare guns to show his support.



Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski (center), and his crew. (Discovery Communications LLC).

Yahoo! reports that Nick’s family was there to pay their respects, but they weren’t the only ones. Bill was touched by the episode and saw that all the boats in the fleet came out to pay respects to their star.

Wichrowski stated that he had lost a trusted friend and an outstanding employee. He also lost a brother in his life. We’ll be saying goodbye to Nick McGlashan but he will always be with us. Nick, I love you. Everything about you is amazing. Thank you so much for being here. It’s amazing. “Thank you!”

His biography on Discovery Go states that McGlashan was a recovering addict from drug and alcohol abuse. He entered rehab in 2017 during the 13th season of the show.


“Our deepest sympathies go out to Nick’s family during this difficult time. Nick was a descendant of many crabbers. He was well-known for his vast knowledge. He was also known for his sharp sense of humor, even under the most difficult circumstances. All those who knew him will miss him deeply,” a representative from Discovery said to Fox News at the time of his passing.

There have been many similar tragedies in the series. The series has been filled with similar tragedies. In August, deckhand Mahlonreyes, who was 38 years old, and Blake Painter, who was a captain of a boat, both died. He was also 38.

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