Cho Sang-Woo Is Without A Doubt A Slytherin, But Let’s See Where You’d Sort The Other “Squid Game” Players

I believe Ali should be in Hufflepuff.

Want to Find Out Which Hogwarts Hostel You Truly, Truly Belong in? You can make a playlist with today’s hits to find out.

Annie Wilde

Based on your “Divergent Faction”, Star Sign and Hogwarts house, we can determine your hidden personality trait


Have you ever wondered which Hogwarts professor you are most like? Take this quiz to find out


If you can survive your trip through the “Harry Potter Universe”, I will be SERIOUSLY, seriously impressed


Sort These “Shangchi” Characters into their proper Hogwarts Homes and See How Your Opinions Compare

Noah Mayfield

Take Your Time At Hogwarts, and We’ll Show You Which Quidditch Position Is Best

Kelly Martinez

Based on your Instagram photos, which Hogwarts House do you belong in?


This Hogwarts Professors are worth a rating. I’ll let you know if you’ll get your letter from Hogwarts or not

KC Hampton

Your Six-City Travel Bucket list Will Show You Which Hogwarts Hostel You Are In


Want to Find Out Which Hogwarts Hostel You Truly, Truly Belong in? Take a summer vacation to find out

Noah Mayfield

Accio! Accio!

KC Hampton

Answer four simple questions and we’ll tell you if Albus Dumbledore likes you or not


Your reaction to these “Harry Potter” situations will determine which character you are.


This Panera Bread Selection is the only way to know your Hogwarts house.

Abigail Lauren

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There are 4 Magical Wizarding Schools. Tell us your “Harry Potter”-related opinions and we’ll reveal which school you should attend


Select Your Favorite Foods From This Asian Food Buffet, and We’ll Guess with 99.9% Accuracy Which Hogwarts House You Are In


It’s not easy to be a Hogwarts Prefect. Spend a day at Hogwarts to find out if you are.

Park Jisoo Kimmanoban

Get a Sandwich and we’ll accurately (and surprisingly) guess your Hogwarts House


It may seem strange, but the pancakes you make will reveal if you belong in Gryffindor or Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.


Choose Your Favorite Squishmallows to Find Out Whether You Are Gryffindor or Slytherin, Ravenclaw Or Hufflepuff


If you’re Harry Potter or Draco Malfoy, your garden preferences will reveal who you are


Let’s see if I can guess your Zodiac Sign based on your “Harry Potter” opinions


Everybody is related to a pure-blood – it’s time to find out who


Take These Celebs and Sort Them Into A Hogwarts House To See How Your Choices Compare


Based on your Sandwich Preferences, which Hogwarts house do you belong in?


You would either fit into the Weasley or Malfoy Family — Find out which one


Explore the World and We’ll Show You Which Hogwarts House You Are Part Of


The “Harry Potter Films” ended almost 11 years ago. How well do you remember their iconic scenes?

Bella Javier

We know your Hogwarts house based on your “Outer Banks Preferences


Here’s your “Harry Potter” boyfriend and a short story about your relationship


Let’s see which Hogwarts house these popular celebs belong in

Harry Potter

It’s possible to be at Hogwarts or Camp Half-Blood. Take this quiz and find out.

I love Buzzfeed

Tell us about your dog and we’ll reveal which Hogwarts house they belong in

You might need a Remembrall to pass this trivia quiz about the spells from Harry Potter

For the true Hogwarts House, eat some British food

If you can remember which house these obscure “Harry Potter” characters lived in, then you’re probably a RavenclawLet’s see if you’re more like a “Harry Potter” parent or child.

Send your future child to Hogwarts and we’ll predict which house they’ll end up in

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