‘Brandon Falls’ briefly lands on Google Maps at site of Biden tumble, as lawmakers question his faculties

The spot located in Cape Henlopen State Park, Del., where President Biden was able to sit down to speak to the people who passed by and was thrown off his bicycle in June, was briefly added as an icon to Google Maps before it disappeared on Tuesday night.

At the same time, House Transportation Committee member Troy Nehls, R-Texas featured a number of blown-up images including one of Easter Bunny. Easter Bunny to inquire about USDOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg about his views on invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president.

Although it was gone by the evening of Tuesday, an sign was discovered at the intersection of the road that leads to Gordon’s Pond. Gordon’s Pond area of the state park. It had the following address “Brandon Falls Lewes, DE.”

The incident occurred at or close to the point at which Biden fell when walking by to talk to pedestrians. Biden later explained as having his foot stuck in a bicycle toe-clipped pedal.

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A small pin appeared in Google Maps appearing to show the exact spot on which President Biden was thrown off his bike (Google Maps Screenshot)

“Brandon,” the “Brandon” reference comes from a song that was sung during the 2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, in which NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast said that racer Brandon Brown she believed that the crowd was singing “Let’s Let’s Go Brandon” – when actually the crowd in front of the track was actually shouting “FJoe Biden.” Joe Biden.”

Before it was shut down and replaced with a new beachfront “tourist attraction” was rated at the same 4.9 out of 5 rating and a number of politically infected “reviews” that criticized President Obama and the administration.

“People are funny on the internet,” “Hannity” host Sean Hannity told Nehls.


A photo from Texas Congressman Troy Nehls from ‘Fox & Friends’ (Fox News)

“Meanwhile increasing numbers of Americans are asking serious concerns about Biden’s mental health,” he added, as he noted the way Nehls had confronted Buttigieg about Biden’s mental health.

Nehls claimed that Buttigieg had previously questioned the mental abilities of the president Donald Trump, and asked the witness to analyze Biden in the same way.


The Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg speaks during the White House daily briefing. (AP/Susan Walsh)

“If our president is not in good condition and our country is not in great condition” – Mr. Secretary, I could not disagree more with you,” he recalled asking the former Indiana mayor.

Nehls continued to tell Hannity that in the last 18 months in the White House, Biden has been “shaking hands with Casper” in an apparent reference to the ghost from cartoons and had let to the White House’s Easter Bunny to goad the press away earlier in the year.

“I considered it an extremely reasonable issue of Buttigiegsince Biden is the president of the free world , and our enemies are taking advantage of this weakness. It was a reasonable inquiry to inquire of Mayor Pete regarding the 25th Amendment.”

At the time of the hearing a tense Buttigieg was able to rebut Nehls criticism of Trump during the course of his remarks: “First of all, I’m happy that there’s a President that can cycle – and I’ll be looking beyond the offensive character of the question.”

As Nehls his time was up He asked acting Chair Tom Malinowski, D-N.J. to allow him to allow Buttigieg fully respond, however Buttigieg New Jersey Democrat refused, saying that his questions were “ridiculous” and saying to the Republican that had he offered additional time Buttigieg in his questions to get an answer that was sufficient.


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