Biden’s cancer claim shocks Twitter users: Either ‘biggest bombshell’ or ‘biggest gaffe’

A video from Vice President Biden in a speech on Wednesday claiming in an address that he had cancer has caused alarm on Twitter.

Biden was at an old coke power station located within Somerset, Massachusetts, to discuss executive orders that will combat climate change.

When he spoke about the harm caused by the emissions of refineries for oil, Biden referenced his childhood home in Delaware and stated that he and a lot of people he had as a child today “have” an illness.

“My mum drove us more than us walking and you know what? The first frost. Do you already know what was happening? It was necessary to use your windshield wipers in order to clean the oil slick out of the windows. That’s the reason I and many others that I grew up with suffering from cancer, and for the longest period of time, Delaware was the state with the highest rate of cancer in the entire country.” Biden said.

President Biden gives remarks on the climate and renewable energy on The site that was once the Brayton Point Power Station in Somerset, Mass., on the 20th of July, 2022. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)


A variety of Twitter users immediately jumped onto the video, wondering if the tweet was an error or an admission of a major scandal.

“Cancer? This is the most significant ever presidential bombshell or the most embarrassing gaffe,” RealClearPolitics founder Tom Bevan tweeted.

Independent Women’s Forum senior fellow Beverly Hallberg wrote, “Pro Tips: Don’t tell people you’re suffering from cancer even if there’s no evidence to suggest that you have cancer.”

Conservative journalist Chad Felix Greene tweeted, “From those who exploded over the fact that Trump instructed the people that they should inject themselves with bleach. They certainly are trying to avoid the words ‘I, and a lot of others in my age are suffering from cancer as a result of windshield wipers removing the oil from the car.'”

Washington Times columnist Tim Young jokedthat “Maybe Joe Biden meant to declare that he is a cancerous person in America.”

“If Biden DOESN’T/DIDN’T have cancer there’s no reason to believe that this is a’miscommunication or a speech issue. It’s one more in the series of outrageous talking points everybody has allowed him to be free for throughout the years,” political consultant Ellen Carmichael wrote.


President Biden is seen speaking at President Biden’s speech during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, on November. 1st 2021. (Evan Vucci/ Pool via REUTERS)

While many people were shocked by the announcement, a few journalists, like the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler and Politico’s Sam Stein said Biden was speaking of his recent skin cancer treatment.

“How stupid do you think this is? Look up Biden’s medical history. Prior to his presidency Biden had non-melanoma dermatologic cancers eliminated. Does anyone at @RNCResearch ever experienced this procedure before?” Kessler tweeted.

Kessler also shared a photo of an White House physician report from 2021 in which it was noted that “”It is widely known that the president Biden was a regular visitor to the White House and spent a large portion of his time outside during his younger years. He’s had a number of skin cancers that were non-melanoma and localized eliminated by Mohs surgery prior to the beginning of the presidency.” The tweet was then shared by the deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates.

Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich later said that an White House official confirmed Biden was talking about his previous treatment of skin cancer. Biden was merely mistakenly using the present verb.

President Biden’s fist-bump salute to Saudi King Mohammed bin Salman has sent Twitter into a frenzy. ((AP Photo/Susan Walsh))

In the wake of Biden made announcements of the new executive order to address the climate crisis, a new Quinnipac University poll revealed that the president’s approval rating is at a record low of 31 percent. It also found that 71 percent of Americans don’t want Biden to run in 2024. However, only 40 percent of Democrats admitting that they would like to see him be the nominee for president.


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