Arrests in Chicago plummet to historic lows as crime rises and police admittedly pull back: ‘No way’

Chicago Police have arrested the lowest number of suspects in the last 20 years, amid a crime outbreak that has continued to rage in the city from 2020.

“In the past I’d be able to spot a man carrying a gun inside his waistband and take off and chase him away,” one officer with a decorated badge stated, as reported by The Chicago Sun-Times. “No way would I do that today.”

Police were able to arrest 12percent of crimes in 2021. That’s the lowest number since 2001, the year that the first data were published, the Chicago Sun Times analysis revealed. There were a lot of police arrests made in Chicago was at its highest in 2005 when police were able to arrest more than 31% of reported crimes. This number has been steadily decreasing since then the time, as evidenced by the data.

The number of traffic stop and tickets also fell and the number of stops for investigation decreased by 50% between the years 2019 between 2021 and 2019. The fewer crimes that are being brought to police departments, both by the officers on beats and residents According to the study.


Chicago police tried pulling over a vehicle that was carjacked on Monday night. They exchanged fire with the suspects, shooting one of them and the other two suspects were taken into custody. (FOX32 Chicago WFLD)

Chicago is plagued by crime in recent times. The number of murders in the city soared in the year 2020, after a decrease in violence over the previous three years. It was reported that the Windy City recorded nearly 770 deaths in 2020, an increase of 50% over the year of 2019. The year before the city set the record of 25 years by surpassing 800 murders according to The Chicago Tribune reported.

The same pattern has occurred with shootings beginning in 2020. There were 2151 shots in the year 2019, and that number grew to 3,200 in 2020. There were also 361 shooting incidents were reported in 2021.

As of now the number of shootings and deaths in the first quarter of 2022 are at a low of 17 percent and 10 percent in the first half of 2022, respectively. But the city is not close to breaking the 600-homicide mark at the close of the year. WTTW announced this month.

The decrease in arrests came from sweeping changes made to the manner in which police officers from the Chicago P.D. conducts its patrols, including the restriction of their vehicle pursuit policy stopping foot pursuits if someone is chasing the police or is found guilty of a minor crime. Police were also instructed to not make arrests for offences like possessing tiny amounts of marijuana, according to the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Police who spoke with the media outlet said they had withdrawn from enforcing the law due to different reasons.


A police officer has informed the outlet that officers are hesitant to interact with “criminals who carry guns” because of prosecutors who have an easier time prosecuting criminals for felony offenses.

In the aftermath of attacks, such as the shooting death that killed Chicago officers Ella French last year ,made others officers “step back and ask”Who really truly cares about us at this moment?” According to an unidentified police officer.

“We must only be able to help one another at the lowest rank,” the officer said. “And If that means going out in the open and not doing any thing, then it’s doing nothing and doing nothing.”

The President of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 John Catanzara, attributed police being unable to stop them for a variety of different motives, including the coronavirus and police becoming more scrutinized and that an arrest is not worth the risk or they could end up being a popular news subject and villain, as per the Sun-Times.

Police officers from police from Chicago Police Department are out on patrols around the city’s lakefront region during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. The police union and the city have reached an agreement in principle on an agreement for a new contract. (Chicago police department)

Police officers of different ranks have confessed to feeling targeted following an agreement that required the city to modify its policies for police after it was discovered that the Department of Justice found the police department was guilty of human rights abuses, as per The Chicago Sun-Times.


The increase in crime in Chicago in the year 2020 is part of an overall trend in the United States that shows murders rising by 30 percent in the year 2020 as compared to the year prior, which is the biggest single-year increase in murders since the FBI began tracking crimes, according to FBI statistics.

Experts in the field of crime who spoke previously with Fox News Digital have pointed at the defunding of police movements as well as the coronavirus pandemic, and the subsequent lockdowns that threw off society, as well as the Ferguson impact.

“Certainly protests and riots that took place in the middle of 2020 following the passing of George Floyd followed a pattern of violent outbursts that has been observed in the past following shocking police incidents including death of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. This pattern is known as the “Ferguson Effect,” where police are able to reduce their presence and violent crime rises dramatically,” Hannah Meyers, director of the public safety and policing program within Manhattan Institute, Manhattan Institute, told Fox News Digital earlier this year.


One expert in crime research who spoke to the Chicago Sun Times had similar findings, pointing out the effects of the pandemic police to be retreated, and even speculating that the riots or protests of 2020 may have led to a rise in crime.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown interviews reporters regarding the shooting. (Chicago police department)

“What does emerge is that context is important and the context for the decline in the number of arrests and activities by police,” crime researcher Deepak Premkumar said to the media outlet. “When there’s a major media occasion, the public scrutiny is increased, and [police] activity decreases.”

“There are a myriad of factors associated with the pandemic which could have caused police to reduce their presence and increase the rate of crime,” Premkumar says. “But it’s possible that the killing of George Floyd, the highest-profile police killing ever in U.S. history, played an important role in the rise in the rate of crime.”

As the police are reducing their presence in the city The department has faced staffing problems. Chicago P.D. had the lowest percentage of employees in March this year, after more than 300 employees left or left the department, and more than twelve more were sacked.

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